Chapter 694: The Beginning of the Chaos Era (Part One)

“Get the f*ck down!” Seeing the ruins, Oleg’s eyes instantly turned red.

Ever since the inception of the bylaw enforcement force, it had never been harmed this much before.

This fatty who was very angry overlooked all rules.

“F*ck this level 7 Ormond Empire! F*uck this Xuan’ge! F*ck them!”

As he roared, his earth-elemental warrior energy exploded, and the huge hammer in his hand dashed out before Fei’s command.

The huge hammer struck toward the Xuan’ge in the air, and it drew a yellow-crack-like mark in the dark sky. The metal chain that connected the hammer to Oleg’s arms extended out as if it were limitless, and it looked like a huge python that was charging at that Xuan’ge.

When angered, this flatterer actually exploded and used the strength that was equivalent to level 1 mid-tier New Moon.

This level of elevation even surprised Fei a little, and the king thought, “This flatterer’s power during a rage isn’t bad. Should I anger this fatty regularly? It might help him increase his strength by a lot!”

The huge hammer struck at the Xuan’ge like a meteor.


A loud noise resonated in the air, and that Xuan’ge which could be the main force of a legion shivered.

The Chambordians observed this carefully.

When the hammer was about 20 meters away from the Xuan’ge, a layer of green lights suddenly appeared. A lot of magic arrays on the ship started to flash and shine, and the energy sphere that they produced blocked Oleg’s hammer strike which could be counted as his peak performance.

“Open up!!!!!!!!!”

This fatty who was in a frenzy roared, and he appeared to be even more ferocious than Drogba and Pierce. His colossal body slowly raised into the sky, and he swung the hammer using the chain, making a huge orange light disk appear since this hammer was being swung so fast.

As the metal chain collided and made a series of tinkling noises, the hammer struck the Xuan’ge again and again.


A series of rumbling noises sounded in the sky again.

Under the continuous attacks, the body of the battle barge started to shake. Even though Oleg’s hammer didn’t break the energy sphere outside the barge, it made its body shake violently. The magic cannon at the front of the barge lit up again, and a cloud of red energy appeared. This cloud of energy continued to change shape, and it was clear that it couldn’t stabilize the energy and shoot out another beam of fire to attack.

“Your low-life natives! How dare a bunch of fireflies competes with the Moon in the sky? F*ck off!” An arrogant voice sounded, and the shout almost shattered the sky. Then, a dash of brilliant sword energy chopped down from the Xuan’ge.

This sword energy was so shiny that it looked like a star, and it felt like the power contained in it was able to push over anything in this world.

Such power wasn’t something that Oleg could stop.

Sensing this acute danger, the Fatty was quickly woken up from his state of frenzy by a chill that was shooting up his spine. His bravery instantly disappeared.

As he screamed, he quickly tried to shrink his shivering body and hid behind his huge black hammer.


That sword energy struck onto the huge hammer, but the stars in the sky suddenly shone brightly. The golden starlight showed and displayed the image of a huge crab in the sky, and the starlight shined down, empowering this hammer.

Then, this fatty and his huge hammer were both struck down from the sky and fell like a meteor.

Fei was planning to rescue this flatterer, but he paused after seeing this. As the Gold Saint of Cancer, Oleg borrowed the star power at that critical moment and saved himself.

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