Chapter 694: The Beginning of the Chaos Era (Part Two)

However, that brilliant sword energy made Fei feel a little familiar. He felt like he had seen this sword technique from somewhere before, but he couldn’t pinpoint the exact time and location.

“Elena, protect Angela and return to Five Sword Sky Mountain. Pass my order! Initiate the city defensive magic array! Strategist Aryang and Robbin can stay, and everyone else, go and rescue the injured Chambordians!”

After observing for a little while, Fei already got a rough estimation of this Xuan’ge. Therefore, he quickly made a plan.

Elena nodded and replied, “Alexander, be careful!”

Then, she held onto Angela’s waist, and they turned into a dash of blue light and disappeared into the back mountains of Chambord.

The warriors of Chambord such as Cech and Torres all took the orders. They dashed toward the collapsed area of the defense wall and tried to rescue the bylaw enforcement officers who were buried under the rocks.

At this moment, the Xuan’ge in the sky suddenly made a move. A series of red lights flashed at the front of the barge, and its body shivered again. A thick beam of energy shot toward the collapsed area of the defense wall, and the barge moved back a little due to the massive thrusting force of this beam.

Fei quickly raised his fist.

Golden energy flames suddenly appeared, and the bright golden fist mark flew into the sky, completely colliding into this beam of energy that was shot from that magic cannon.

Boom! As if the Sun exploded in mid-air, the terrifying flames and energy dispersed into the area, and the bright lights hurt the eyes of the people who were looking at this explosion. It felt like it was doomsday, and it was horrifying.

Fei’s punch was perfect and blocked that beam of energy.

Only the king who was the most powerful person at Chambord dared to do something like this. If it were anyone else who slightly missed this beam of energy by a tiny bit, an area in Chambord City would be destroyed, and many casualties would arise.

This was able to buy a few minutes, and waves of blue magic energy appeared in the city. Soon, a blue half-sphere appeared above the city, enveloping the city like an upside-down bowl. It looked like water was flowing on this energy sphere, and it protected Chambord in all directions.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!!!

Almost at the same time, the smaller weapons on the two sides of the Xuan’ge shot out dashes of blue flames, and these flames crashed down onto this energy sphere. The energies dimpled the surface of the energy sphere, but they couldn’t break it open.

“They are smaller magic cannons! On a Xuan’ge that is on this level, there would be at least 100 of these kinds of weapons! On both the front and the end of the barge, there would be a huge, God-of-War-level magic cannon, and the defense wall collapsed because it was attacked by one of them,” Old Aryang quickly explained.

“Strategist, you seem to be very familiar with Xuan’ge. Do you know how to operate one of these?” Fei looked at Old Aryang and asked quickly.

“Yes, but a Xuan’ge of this size couldn’t be operated by a few people. There needs to be at least 50 mages who are above One-Star and more than 100 well-trained workers who can use the mechanics and structures on it.” Old Aryang nodded and told Fei everything that he knew.

“Hahaha! Since you know how to operate it, it will be much easier! Our Chambord is just lacking a little in terms of air force!” Fei thought of something and summoned [The Throne of Chaos]. With Robbin and Old Aryang on the stairs of the throne, the three of them dashed into the sky and appeared in front of the huge Xuan’ge.

The huge shadow instantly enveloped them.

The shocking size comparison was too surreal. Facing the huge Xuan’ge, the three of them felt like ants.

At this moment, red lights started to flash again at the front of the barge. The huge magic cannon was charged up, and a rumbling noise sounded. Another terrifying beam of energy got shot out, and it was clear that the enemies wanted to destroy the defensive magic array of Chambord this time.

Fei sneered and raised his hand.

[Invincible Emperor Fist]!!!

A huge fist mark that was ten meters in each dimension easily shattered this beam of energy.

“Damn it! If I don’t show you my real strength, you plan to take me as a Hello Kitty?”

Even though Fei didn’t show anything on his face, he was furious since this unknown Xuan’ge kept on attacking Chambord City.

A silver light flashed by, and [The Throne of Chaos] passed through the green energy sphere that was protecting the Xuan’ge and appeared near the deck.

Now, Fei was able to see what was happening on this Xuan’ge clearly.

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