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Hail the King Chapter 695.1

Chapter 695: Demonic Sword Energy (Part One)

On the Xuan’ge, there were many buildings that looked just like the structures on a massive battleship. However, they were slightly modified to fit the Xuan’ge’s new layout. There were tall sail poles, big command center, and various other fancy and luxurious structures.

On the deck that had many magic runes engravings, hundreds of soldiers in black and yellow armor ran out, sweating as they operated the various mechanisms on the Xuan’ge.

There were also more than a dozen commander-looking people standing around a huge, black cannon at the head of the barge, talking about something.

Beside them, there were ten huge men. They were more than two meters tall, and they were bulky like muscle mountains. They were not wearing anything in the upper body, and they were only wearing yellow leather shorts. They also had yellow body hair, and they looked like apes that didn’t evolve.

They were full of power and looked like beasts, and they were shouting and trying to control this huge black cannon. They were adjusting the position of this cannon and trying to change the angle according to the commanders’ orders.

Beside them, there were four fire-elemental Seven-Star Mages who continued to inject fire magic energy into the body of the cannon. The fire magic energy flowed into the cannon, activating the magic gems that were inlaid in its body and the base. Once the angle of the cannon was fixed, the magic arrays were going to shoot out another destructive strike.

It seemed like none of the enemies expected Chambordians to get through the energy sphere created by the Xuan’ge.

Seeing Fei, Old Aryang, and Robbin landing on the deck, everyone on the Xuan’ge was stunned. The first few commanders quickly reacted, and they roared, “Quickly! Capture these natives!”

As they shouted, they pulled out their swords, commanding the soldiers around them to charge at Fei like a flood.

“Protect your father.”

After whispering that to Robbin, Fei dashed off [The Throne of Chaos] and charged into the crowd of soldiers.

How powerful was Fei? Regular soldiers were no match for him!

After he punched out once, a huge amount of force from the thrust smashed forward, instantly destroying the first 20 elite soldiers of the Ormond Empire who were charging at him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! They were all turned into blood mists.

With golden energy flames around him, Fei looked magnificent and holy. Like a tiger in a herd of sheep, he was invincible! Every time he moved his body, some enemies would fall off the deck and drop down from the sky like broken kites.


“NO! Request for the appearance of the guardians! We need them to kill this native!” the soldiers in yellow screamed.

A few commanders were shocked to see this. Even though they were all Nine-Star Warriors and could be considered powerful in any empire, they couldn’t react in time! They were lightly touched by the golden-sea-like energy, and their bodies cracked!

They were stunned! They thought Fei was a regular Moon-Class Elite, and they expected to hold him down for a short period while the masters were on their way. However, Fei’s power surprised them, and they were terrified.

Besides the soldiers, there were archers who were hiding in many positions and shooting sneaky arrows at Fei.

However, these magic arrows that could penetrate through the bodies of Moon-Class Elites couldn’t even get within 20 meters of Fei! The golden energy flames shattered the arrows and turned them into dust. The force even turned some arrows around and shot them back, killing some of the archers instantly.

“Yuck! Who is a weak bug?” Fei laughed as he crushed his enemies in front of him.

As he divided the herds of enemies apart by waving his hands, he instantly appeared before the huge magic cannon that was at the front of the Xuan’ge.

With another wave of his hand, ten sword energies shot out and killed the ten huge men who were operating the powerful weapon before they could jump at him, cutting them into halves.

Those four Seven-Star Mages just finished chanting their spells, and a sea of fire swamp at Fei, taking the form of many dragons. The scene was scary.

However, Fei pushed his palms forward, and the golden energy waves expanded. The roaring fire dragons whined and were forced back, instantly enveloping these four mages.

After a series of screams, several figures that were covered with flames staggered and fell off the deck. When they were falling, they were also turned into burned corpses!

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