Chapter 695: Demonic Sword Energy (Part Two)

These four mages were all Seven-Star, and they could be counted as masters in the Zenit Empire. However, they were facing Fei who was a mighty warrior and a cultivation genius. Fei was now already a Sun-Class Lord, and he was close to the realm of gods! Regular warriors and mages were far away from him.

Fei used his power and instantly eliminated the people who were in control of the magic cannon at the front of the barge. He didn’t need to worry about Chambord City getting destroyed by the beams of energies anymore.

As he laughed, he turned around and dashed into the enemies again.

The king was not going to show any mercy toward these enemies at all! They charged into the Chambord Kingdom without warning, and they attacked Chambord City cruelly, killing Chambordians and causing the destruction of a part of Chambord’s territory.

Fei quickly killed more than 100 enemies on the Xuan’ge.

He was going to kill all the enemies on this barge and take it over.

Faced with Fei who was literally invincible amongst the soldiers, these soldiers quickly lost the courage to fight back and fled after three to five minutes.

Not too far away, about 60 people were trying to attack Robbin and Old Aryang. However, they were both standing on [The Throne of Chaos], and a semi-transparent silver energy sphere was protecting them. [The Throne of Chaos] had absorbed energy from many magic gems before sucking away almost half of the Normal Mode [Worldstone]. Even that midget-sized Full Moon Assassin wasn’t able to break it open and got injured by the impulsive force, let alone these soldiers who were only on the Star-level.

Seeing this, Fei no longer worried about the two. Instead, he charged toward the command center that was located in the center of the barge as he killed more enemies.

Since Fei was planning to take over this Xuan’ge, he was controlled with his application of force. He only killed enemies and didn’t destroy this barge.

He got close to the command center which was under the sail pole in the center of the barge, and he turned the dozens of soldiers who were guarding it into blood mist.

In the next second, he already appeared before the stairs that led to the command center.

He looked up and saw a noble-looking man staring down at him. This man didn’t look anxious; instead, he looked at Fei with mockery and disdain.

As Fei sneered and was about to attack, something happened.

Suddenly, a brilliant sword energy shot down from the command center.

This sword energy was so quick that Fei didn’t even sense when it was cast. With a unique demonic aura, it came crashing down on Fei. If anyone else were here, they could have felt like they were defeated by this sword energy already before it got to them; that was how terrifying this sword energy was to the mind!

“Hahaha! I have been waiting for you!”

A similar sword energy had defeated Oleg the Flatterer. Even though it was quick and fast, it still left a deep impression on Fei’s mind. Therefore, ever since Fei set his foot on this Xuan’ge, he had his guard up, and he was prepared for this sword master to strike at him.

As he laughed, Fei raised his fist, and a golden fist mark dashed out and collided with this sword energy.


The golden and silver energies exploded, and residual energy spilled in all directions.

Fei’s face changed color; there was something strange about this sword energy!

Even though the sword energy was destroyed, a hidden and lethal energy somehow still got through Fei’s golden energy flames and struck toward his throat! This energy was hidden, vicious, and yet pure! Its quality was beyond the realm of Sun-Class, and it felt like it was a forbidden power that shouldn’t exist in this realm.

Fei was forced back multiple steps, and he reached out his hands.

[Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]!

With a swing of the hammer, it could even change the weather!

This war hammer that was rumored to be able to destroy everything in the world easily crushed this streak of forbidden energy.

However, before Fei could react and counterattack, waves of silver sword energies dashed at him like continuous waves! Their speed was fast too!

As Fei waved his hammer, he slowly backed off and shattered all the sword energies.

The situation was really dangerous! Fei felt like he was tightrope walking on a cliff; if he did anything wrong, the hidden forbidden energies inside the sword energies would strike him.

In just a few seconds, Fei was already forced back to the head of the barge.

However, the demonic sword energies continued to attack him like there was no tomorrow.

In the end, Fei was forced out of the Xuan’ge and exited the green energy sphere around the barge.

By then, the continuous sword energies finally stopped.

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