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Hail the King Chapter 696.1

Chapter 696: The Meeting of Old Acquaintances (Part One)

Seeing this mythical and legendary level battle, the people on the Xuan’ge and in Chambord City were all stunned.

Inside the hotels and various temporary residences, the envoys and guests from nearby empires and kingdoms looked at the huge Xuan’ge in the air and insane battle, and they couldn’t hold back their shock.

“Who is this person? This person can pressure the King of Chambord, who is a powerful warrior, to this degree?”

At this moment, the envoy group from Zenit hadn’t left Chambord City yet. As Second Prince Dominguez leaped into the air and sat onto his white horse, he lifted the mask on his helmet and looked up. The shiny sword energies in the sky lit up his handsome face and his shiver magic armor.

If one paid more attention to him, they would see that this prince of Zenit who was always calm and collected had a concerned expression on his face.

“Is the situation this terrible? The enemies can move on the territory of the empire this freely?”

Dominguez lowered his head and sighed.

However, he quickly thought of something, and his expression turned more upbeat. He whipped his horse and dashed toward the gate of the city. He shouted, “Everyone, follow up! We need to leave here by tonight and reach St. Petersburg by tomorrow morning! This is an urgent command!”

“Your Highness, we need to be careful. The situation is already this chaotic, and even Chambord is involved in the war. Wouldn’t it be better for us to leave once the King of Chambord finishes this battle?” Someone suggested in the group.

“We need to leave right now! Anyone who goes against my order shall be executed on the spot! Even if I have to die, I will die in the Capital.”

As soon as he finished that, Dominguez dashed forward on his horse and disappeared into the darkness.

[Demonic Woman] Paris and [Red Beard] Granello looked at each other and saw the worry in each other’s eyes. They smiled bitterly, and Granello shouted, “Everyone, follow up! We need to protect His Highness!”

A series of thunderous clip-clop noises sounded, and more than 20 elite cavaliers immediately followed up with Dominguez. Then, the team moved to the defense wall of Chambord City and was prepared to leave, travel across the river, and join the rest of the envoy group that was residing on the other side of the river.

“[One Sword]! You b*stard! Get the f*ck out here! You traitor!”

Standing in mid-air, Fei suddenly roared at the Xuan’ge with the war hammer in one of his hands.

His loud voice resonated in the sky.

“Long time no see, King Alexander!” A thin figure appeared at the front of the Xuan’ge.

This man was wearing a set of fancy black and yellow armor, and there seemed to be a cloud of terrifying magic power on it. The double-hand sword on his back was wide, and it looked shiny like a crystal. When watching from afar, it seemed like he was carrying a dash of starlight.

He wasn’t too tall nor too short, and his long brown hair was fluttering in the wind. There seemed to be redness flashing in his eyes, and it looked terrifying. It seemed like he was an ancient beast that was about to devour humans at any second.

Even though his outfit choices changed a lot, and his facial features were slightly altered, Fei could still tell that this man who suddenly appeared was [One Sword], the former No.1 Master amongst the affiliated kingdoms of Zenit and a strong candidate during the competition at St. Petersburg several months ago.

“It is really you! This is disappointing!” Fei observed him carefully and said with a disappointed expression on his face.

When Fei first saw that dash of sword energy about ten minutes ago, he felt like he had seen it somewhere before.

At that time, he couldn’t be sure.

Although the trajectory of the sword energy and the technique used were similar to [One Sword]’s, the sword spirit and energy were completely different.; the sword energy and aura were demonic, and [One Sword]’s old aura was filled with loneliness and desolation.

However, through the quick battle that just happened, Fei confirmed that this mysterious master was [One Sword].

This discovery indeed disappointed Fei.

Although [One Sword] stood on the opposite side of the king, he was powerful and proud, upholding the pride and dignity of a true warrior and swordsman. He was a talented genius, and Fei respected him for that for a while.

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  1. Draghnof

    This discovery is indeed disappointing 🙁

    Even with some evil technique, One Sword shouldn’t be more than a moon-class elite …. But here he can suppress Fei …. The only thing I can think of yet is that he boosted his power to the limit for a short time and will have a heavy backlash after (probably death or cripple)

    • SaDDisT

      And another possibilty is, its a complete BS of the author. Its CN LN after all.

  2. Fei’s subordinates could grow so strong because they were loyal to him but now his enemies can get dumb plot armor where they get sudden strength gains to rival him too?

  3. belkak210

    Absolute bullshit

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