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Hail the King Chapter 696.2

Chapter 696: The Meeting of Old Acquaintances (Part Two)

However, in just like less than half a year, [One Sword] ditched the honor and dignity of a warrior. He didn’t just ditch and betray the Zenit Empire that raised him; he even went under the Ormond Empire and led the attack against Zenit with a Xuan’ge…

Even though Fei didn’t know what happened in between, the fact that [One Sword] betrayed his home empire was disappointing and sad.

“Disappointment? Haha! Why? Isn’t my sword sharp enough?”

As if he was angered by the disdain and mockery on Fei’s face, [One Sword] got mad for a second before laughing out loud arrogantly, “Hahaha! King of Chambord, what do you know? Now, I’m no longer that loser who was suppressed by you! I’m already a Sun-Class Lord, and I’m currently a legion commander of the Ormond Empire, which is a level 7 empire! I have many masters under my command, and numerous soldiers take my orders. Hahaha! I’m of prestigious status now! Right now, you are only a relatively strong dirty native! It doesn’t matter if it is in terms of influence or individual strength, you are no longer my match! How are you qualified to say that?”

“Dirty native?” Fei shook his head with a pitiful expression. He immediately thought of something and asked, “It looks like you have completely lost your mind and forgotten your roots. A war suddenly broke out, and Zenit is on the verge of collapse. The Leon Empire and the Ormond Empire came at striking speed and suddenly attacked, and their soldiers crushed through everything and got to St. Petersburg without push back. It seems like this is all to your credit, right?”

“Huh? You know about that already?” [One Sword] was slightly surprised, and then he started to laugh arrogantly again, “Hahaha! Great! Zenit is on the verge of collapse, and St. Petersburg might be even conquered now! Hahaha! A sea of blood already formed, and the Royal Family of Zenit is going to be crushed in a second. King of Chambord, if you kneel and beg me, I will let you live and promote you to a team commander in my [Swordsmen Legion]. Haha, being the commander of more than 100 people at a level 7 empire is much better than being the king of a little affiliated kingdom. Hahaha! What do you say?”

“You are the person who doesn’t know anything,” Fei said that as he shook his head; he was too tired of saying more.

In less than half a year, [One Sword] was no longer the same person.

He no longer had that pride, and he was no longer a desolate and lonely sword genius. Instead, he turned into an arrogant and conceited demon. Dark-red flames flashed in his eyes, and it felt like he had turned into an ancient beast that was blood-thirsty. He was no longer calm and thoughtful; instead, he became easily triggered.

He ditched his rusty sword and replaced it with a fancy broadsword, threw away the rough robe and changed to fancy armor. If it weren’t for his face which looked 80% like his former self, he felt completely different in terms of temperament and aura.

At this moment, an ear-piercing voice sounded from the command center on the Xuan’ge, and this person seemed impatient.

“General [One Sword], why are you still wasting time with this dirty native. Quickly kill him! Didn’t you tell me that there is a rare beauty at Chambord named Angela? I couldn’t wait! Kill all the Chambordians and get your revenge! I just need that beauty! Haha!”

“Prince Xanchua Your Highness, don’t worry. That woman named Angela is all yours!” [One Sword] turned around and replied respectfully. Then, he turned back and laughed at Fei provocatively.

However, who knew that Fei didn’t get mad as he expected. Instead, the King of Chambord looked calm and sympathetic. He said slowly, “Come on, let’s do it! You pitiful and despicable traitor! Let me, your former opponent, destroy your pitiful pride, and help your fallen soul to be free. Rest in peace!”

As Fei said that, he looked up, and murderous spirit dashed out of his eyes.

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  1. is it only me or are you perhaps notice that the calendar of the translator are different than our calendar?

    • noodletowntranslated

      umm, we are in Toronto and follow the Eastern Time Zone, how about you?

      • ahh so its just like that because I am in asia…I just saw the post stated that tomorrow is friday so I felt like here I thought I can binge read this weekend but there still have a day to work…

        • noodletowntranslated

          ohh true, then we r about 12 hours behind or smthing

  2. Neul

    So the ormund empire can transform star warrior into sunclass lord in a year.. Fei better finish hell mode in 2 days.

  3. Draghnof

    Indeed, it’s clearly stupid :-s

  4. SaDDisT

    Sigh…. this is what I hate in cultivation novels, its full of BS! Cant you just create another character? Why do you need to create bullshits again and again.

    • It a repeat of that guy. The old minister or his son of chambord who is his enemy that suddenly get strong without reason n then die.

  5. Fai Bani

    i agree HC BS he was half a year ago a 8 star warrior or somthing Fei managed with his hardcore cheat barely to get sunlord by cheating and founding treasures and stuff no way in hell someone else archieve the same

  6. Wow so sun lord rank ( suppose to be rare)can pop up quickly now?

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      you will be surprised when you read it 100 or so chapter’s ahead sun class will be like garbage’s on the road. and it is a chinese novels trope where recycled character’s pop’s up. MC with a cheat is nothing compared to the author’s BS. even if MC clear the hell mode he will still find it struggling to keep up with the enemies that pops up out of nowhere.

      • Is the MC still weak this many chapters in then? I’m at 151 atm and I don’t want to continue if he only makes superficial progress 700 chapters down the line.

        • Ejaz Ahmed

          no MC is not weak but the enemies that pops up out of nowhere makes the novel lame. and MCs excuse of not using full strength to drag a 2 chapter fight for 20 chapters. and the side characters banter adds another 20 chaps. and it is a chinese novels trope MC will never sit and cultivate in this case level up instead fights some unfair opponents that are recycled and his venture to sightseeing

  7. showgunite

    You’re already a beaten dog, now you come at the king with that fake a-s demonic aura?

  8. Hyrokami

    kakaka pior verdade que ja vi !!1

  9. bananaisblue

    That one sword was pumped up with drugs. No way his sunlord power is stable. Btw i think this is the reason why Yassin keeps being low key. He knows Leon and Ormond have design on Zenit. I bet those Leon & Ormond armies will be totally trapped and destroyed in St. Petersburg.

  10. hikikomori hachiman

    IS there any beauty with no trouble?

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