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Hail the King Chapter 697.2

Chapter 697: Legendary Battle (1) (Part Two)

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The hammer and the sword continued to collide. As if meteors were hitting the Earth, every single strike resulted in loud metal-colliding and rumbling noises.

On the Xuan’ge which was really close to the battle, many Star-level Warriors of the Ormond Empire couldn’t even handle the sound waves. Blood dripped out their eyes and ears, and some of them fell off the Xuan’ge as they staggered. Then, screams resonated in the air.

As time passed by, the battle reached its climax.

By now, [One Sword] had undergone a complete transformation.

Like iron, his muscles all bulged up, and his skin turned dark-red. His long brown hair was soaked in blood, and his eyes turned completely red as well.

He let out a series of hoarse roars, and it seemed like he lost his mind and turned into a demon.

Fei seemed to have understood something.

[One Sword] didn’t have a golden finger like the Diablo World, but he was able to go from a peak Six-Star Warrior to a Sun-Class Lord. It was clear that he used some forbidden-level techniques to achieve this.

From the look of it, it seemed like a powerful demon possessed his body; another soul was living in him. By borrowing the power of this demon, [One Sword] was able to increase his realm quickly.

However, as this battle increased in intensity, [One Sword] gradually couldn’t suppress this demon inside of him, and he was being demonized.

At this moment, [One Sword] was fighting using the demonic instinct rather than his own consciousness.

As Fei waved his war hammer, waves of golden energy appeared, and he was able to battle [One Sword] head-on. In fact, he was in a slight upper hand.

“What is inside [One Sword]? What is this demon? Why do I feel like I have seen this power somewhere before?” Fei frowned.


“This is unexpected! This native is so powerful!”

On the Xuan’ge, there was a thin and short young man sitting on a fancy golden chair at the command center under the mainsail. He was pale from the over-consumption of alcohol and lust, and he looked a little obscene. At the moment, he was surrounded by mighty warriors, and he was enjoying this legendary battle with a mocking smile on his face as if he were watching a show in the Colosseum.

“Hahaha! Great! Good fight! Did you guys see that? This low-life [One Sword] sure got lucky and became a legion commander in the empire, but he is powerful. Eh, this black-haired native is strong as well. Hahaha! Capture him for me later! We can send him back to the empire, and he will be a top-tier gladiator in the Colosseum! Hahaha!” he laughed arrogantly.

This young man was the Second Prince of Ormond, Xanchua.

“Your Highness, great idea! These natives are born to be slaves! They should sacrifice their lives for us like ants!”

“This native sure is powerful! Haha! He is also a king, right? He will make a lot of money for Your Highness!”

“These natives are strong. After conquering this little town, we will seize all their treasures and women before killing everything. Hehe, we heard that this town is rich, and their women are the best! Haha, our soldiers can capture all the women, and we will pick out the best for Your Highness. I’m sure that Your Highness would be able to have a good time!”

There was a bunch of young men around Xanchua, and they were also in fancy clothes and looked pale and ill. They looked gloomy and weak, but their flattery skills were excellent. In fact, Oleg might even be surprised at their flattering smiles and gestures.

Seeing the joyous expression on Prince Xanchua’s face, they flattered even harder.

“Shut up! You bugs! Do you know anything other than flattering?”

At this moment, a blond and muscular man, who had a blond beard and was fully armored, shouted with anger and disdain.

[TL Note: Can you guys guess who this demon is?]

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  1. Rajat

    This is fuxked up fight fei a sun Lord really and it’s only level 7 empire and they can make a star Lord into a sun Lord even if it’s using a demon it’s still bull s--t then lvl 9 empires must have an army of sun lords in their place as servants right lol

    • SaDDisT

      Definitely! This Ormond arc will suck.


  2. Solgrim2919

    If my guess is right it mf diablo.. Hahahahahah.. Any way thanks for the chapter… Keep up the great work guys…

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