Chapter 698: Legendary Battle (2) (Part One)

This strong man glanced at these flatterers who were weak and pale, and he shouted, “You trash!  What do you know? [One Sword] and this native are both Sun-Class Lords! They could kill you over 10,000 times with a finger! Our Ormond Empire was established on cultivation and power, and we look up to powerful masters. Although these natives are of low status, they are still brave and courageous. They are far better than you, just a bunch of wastes! Get the f*ck away! Stop trying to blind Xanchua His Highness!”

After being scolded by this fully armored strong man, these young men all looked angry and resentful. However, they still closed their mouths and remained silent. It was clear that they were afraid of this person and didn’t dare to go against him.

“Hahaha! General Peith, don’t get angry. It doesn’t matter how strong they are, they are just a bunch of native low-lives. Since their bloodlines are inferior, they are destined to be slaves. What can they do? Flip this whole thing around? Now, the troops of the empire are already here, and it will just take a few seconds to conquer the Capital of Zenit. In fact, destroy a little town like this is too easy! Even if there are a few powerful natives, they can’t do anything! Take [One Sword] for example, doesn’t he have to put his tail between his legs and listen to my commands? Peith, you are still too anxious.”

Even though this strong man’s scolding disrupted the mood, this Prince Xanchua who looked unintelligent and useless didn’t get angry. Surprisingly, he nodded and put away his joking attitude.

A confident and calculated expression flashed on his face which had an obscene smile, and it felt like he had everything under control.

After a short pause, Xanchua rested his chin on his palm and said impatiently, “Ok, stop making noises. Let’s just watch this performance. These two dirty animals are putting on a great show! Haha, General Peith, aren’t you stuck at peak Moon-Class for more than half a year now? Perhaps you will be able to get inspirations from this battle! After these two animals are both severely injured, we can capture them and interrogate them. By then, the Royal Library of Ormond will have two more Sun-Class Cultivation Techniques!”

The man named Peith was a little surprised, and a reassuring smile appeared on his face.

Then, he slowly nodded and replied in all seriousness, “Xanchua Your Highness, you were just playing. Eh, it is great that Your Highness hasn’t been tricked and influenced by these pieces of trash. I, Peith, swore my loyalty to you!”

After he said that, he turned around and observed the battle between Fei and [One Sword] attentively. Gradually, it felt like he was mesmerized by the fight. To anyone who was below Sun-Class, this battle that was happening was a rare opportunity.

“They are just a bunch of dirty natives, and they are the prey in this game. They are even inferior to beasts. Eh… it is fun to tease these dirty animals from time to time.”

Xanchua sat on his golden chair and didn’t pay much attention to the legendary battle that was happening in front of him. He was a little bored, and he frowned and thought about something. Suddenly, he saw Old Aryang and Robbin who were surrounded by the soldiers on the deck of the Xuan’ge, and he noticed [The Throne of Chaos] that released a shiver energy sphere.

Gradually, his eyes brightened up.

That fierce battle was continuing in the sky.

Fei’s power reached a peak, and the golden energy flames expanded in all directions. It felt like there was another Sun in the sky. On the war hammer that was in his hands, the golden runes turned red, and they grew even brighter. It seemed like the energies of these runes were about to dash out, and a profound and wild power was about to jump out of the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]. Together with Fei’s Hell Mode Barbarian strength, it made the king look like the reincarnation of a battle god!

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!!!

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