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Hail the King Chapter 698.2

Chapter 698: Legendary Battle (2) (Part Two)

After numerous loud and terrifying collisions, the battle was about to be over.

The high-level combat weapon in [One Sword]’s hands couldn’t stand the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] anymore. The smooth and reflective surface of the sword was already full of dents, and it looked like a weapon that was still in the making. At the same time, there were cracks in its body; it felt like it was going to shatter at any time.

“Kekekeke… Keke…”

[One Sword]’s eyes were all red, and no human emotions could be seen from it.

He turned cold and cruel as if he were a demon beast that had no intelligence, and he let out a series of hoarse and muffled roars. It seemed like he was in an entirely berserk state.

Slowly, that dark-red energy enveloped him in the form of mist, and it got thicker and thicker.

After a while, his body couldn’t be seen in the mist, and only his red eyes shined through. He looked like a terrifying demon.

This dark-red energy mist contained a lethal power; it was enough to stain souls!

However, it was useless against the king.

After all, Fei had encountered all kinds of demons in Diablo World from small to big. There were small bosses such as Andariel and Duriel, and he faced off powerful demon lords such as Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto. Therefore, the amount of demonic energy on [One Sword] wasn’t threatening to Fei at all.

To put it in simple terms, Fei had already faced the evilest and most demonic creatures in the world! He was already very experienced at fighting against them, and he could be considered an expert. Even though this demonic energy mist was powerful, Fei could ignore it as a Hell Level Barbarian.

As his golden and majestic energy flames expanded and shined even more, that dark-red mist crackled as if it were being evaporated, and it couldn’t get within ten meters of Fei.

Fei’s golden energy was a natural counter to this demonic energy!


A loud metal-colliding noise resonated in the sky, and it was as loud as a mighty thunder. A few tall mountains far away were shattered by the sound waves, and a huge pit was created in the Zuli River, splashing up thick water beams.

If there weren’t magic arrays protecting the Xuan’ge and Chambord City, they would have been turned into dust already.

Prince Xanchua who was calm and calculative was surprised by this, and the young men who flattered him all shivered. On the other hand, General Peith continued to watch the battle with an intoxicated expression on his face.


Another loud noise sounded, and shiny dots splashed in all directions as if there were a meteor shower, lighting up the dark sky.

This time, the high-level combat weapon in [One Sword]’s hand couldn’t absorb the shocking power that the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] unleashed in each strike. After the hammer smashed onto it one last time, it cried and exploded into tens of thousands of pieces.

A high-level combat weapon that many masters sought after was completely destroyed!

[One Sword] howled continuously like a beast, and he didn’t look afraid nor surprised. Without wanting to dodge, he swung his fists and struck at Fei’s war hammer directly.

With the same expression, Fei smashed his war hammer at [One Sword] mercilessly. This strike was so powerful that it created a loud, rumbling noise in the air.

After knowing what was happening in St. Petersburg, he was very disappointed in [One Sword]. He was sure that this former lonely sword genius had fallen into a demon, and this man could no longer control himself. Therefore, he showed no mercy!

Just like what he said before this battle, killing [One Sword] might free this man’s soul and let him rest in peace.

[TL Note: the demon will be revealed. It will surprise you! Also, two releases tomorrow since we got the Patreon milestone.]

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    So this general is not a Sun Lord but a Moon Elite ….. And the nobles feared a Moon Elite but not a Sun Lord !?!? There must be a hidden Sun lord aboard the ‘ship’.

    And here I have another question, how come nobody seen the army coming? They must be very visible while travelling one million Km …. I don’t remember how far reach the intelligence network of Fei but are these ‘ships’ so fast that they can travel all the journey in a few hours ….

    • So many plot holes atm …

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