Chapter 699: Legendary Battle (3) (Part One)

However, a loud, thunderous noise sounded to Fei’s surprise.


Fei sensed a very powerful repulsive force from the war hammer, and he almost lost his grip on it! He felt like his hammer didn’t land on a pair of fists but instead a vast iron mountain!

It was a loud metal-colliding noise, and bright sparks appeared at the center of the collision.

It was bizarre!

After all, even Sun-Class Lords couldn’t take a strike from the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

How was this happening?

Fei was stunned, and he took a more careful look.

In front of him, [One Sword] already completely lost his mind. His fists were smashed, and all the flesh on his fingers were evaporated. However, his bones weren’t white like ordinary people. Instead, they were golden, and they were shiny under the moon. All the bones were perfect like art pieces.

It was clear that the golden bones were the key to blocking the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

Also, Fei noticed that the dark-red energy mist was coming out of the golden bones, enveloping [One Sword]’s body.

“Golden bones……”

A thought flashed through Fei’s mind like lightning, and he instantly understood all this.

It must be these golden bones that helped [One Sword] improve so much in strength and realm!

Even though the golden bones were only lightly exposed after the flesh on [One Sword]’s fingers disappeared, Fei felt like he was very familiar to these golden bones! These golden bones instantly reminded Fei of that golden skeleton which was pinned onto the ground beside the Mythical Altar when Fei first entered that space. That golden skeleton somehow disappeared after Fei pulled out that mysterious half-broken pillar which nailed it there.

“When I first laid my eyes on it, I felt like there was still life energy inside the skeleton, and it didn’t die completely. After I pulled out that stone pillar to purify the [Worldstone] on the Mythical Altar, it somehow disappeared and escaped from the Sky Castle. What… Could it be that [One Sword] was possessed by that golden skeleton? Wait… That golden skeleton was much larger than [One Sword]’s body…”

Many questions flashed through Fei’s mind.

While he was wondering about these questions, [One Sword] started snickering.

“Hehehe…” As if he were a beast that couldn’t sense pain, [One Sword] licked his lips and dashed at Fei. He punched at Fei, and the golden finger bones curled up and struck at the king with the forbidden power.

Cracks in space appeared, and the streaks of dark-red energy mist looked like dried blood. It seemed like it moved with the wind, and the intense hatred and destruction spirit energy contained in it were able to shatter people’s souls.

Golden lights dashed out of Fei’s eyes, and they looked like golden searchlights.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of shocking and terrifying metal-colliding noises sounded.

The flesh on [One Sword]’s arms were completely destroyed, and everything down from his shoulders was gone. The golden arm bones that were enveloped by the flesh were now exposed, and they looked shiny and demonic with more dark-red energy mist coming out of them.

This pair of arm bones were tough. They were able to directly collide with the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] without being broken.

As Fei and [One Sword] battled, more noises and sparks appeared.

“The real [One Sword] probably already died by now. It seems like this golden skeleton has its own mind, and it is in control of [One Sword]’s body. What is its goal? Why? Why did it direct this Xuan’ge of the Ormond Empire to my Chambord City?” Fei thought.

After considering the overall situation, Fei no longer tried to hold back anything.

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