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Hail the King Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Crazy 【Hulk Potion】

The air in the small concealed room was a little dense, but it wasn’t humid.

Fei looked around carefully and found some finger-sized holes on the stone walls; they were most likely used for ventilation. The ventilation system in the underground cave was very impressive. Numerous torches and stoves were burning in this gigantic underground structure and many prisoners were living here, but the air quality wasn’t bad; rather, it was quite fresh. Fei had no idea how the mysterious builder did it.

“Crack! Crack!”

The charcoals in the stoves burned and made light popping sounds. The flame in the room was flickering and created a strange atmosphere in the room. The three chained mercenaries were definitely criminals. Although they had been tortured, their spirits were still high and sturdy. After seeing the jailor leave the room and hearing Oleg refer to the luxuriously dressed young man in front of him as “Your Majesty”, a hideous expression appeared on their faces and they approached Fei slowly while dragging their iron chains on the ground……

“Just in time to take this little king hostage and escape from this damn prison……”

“This is a godsend! Hahaha, quickly go and block the entrance, don’t let him run away……”

The three mercenaries winked at each other mutually and surrounded Fei; they grinned nastily as they got closer and closer. They looked at Fei as if they were looking at a corpse. The expressions on their faces told Fei everything.

“Humph! Your guys sure are overconfident! Die!”

Fei sneered as he raised his arm and grabbed one of them; the bald man who was the strongest among the three of them had no way of resisting; it was as if Fei was easily grabbing onto a toddler. He smacked the mercenary on the head with the other palm. “Crack!” In a crisp and chilling sound, the mercenary’s head was smashed into his chest cavity under the strength of the level 16 Barbarian and the man turned into a headless corpse.

The other two’s faces paled as they saw the terrifying scene. Their souls were almost scared out of their bodies. They shivered as their hideous expressions disappeared. As if they had epilepsy, they couldn’t even speak properly. The three mercenaries were heinous criminals and deserved to die. Half a month ago, for the sake of robbing one silver coin, the three of them cruelly murdered a poor family. They dismembered the poor couples’ dead body and raped and killed the 13-year-old daughter. They committed crimes that would anger the Gods. The tragedy was discovered by Brook, and he chased them with the King’s Guards more than 10 miles (15 km) and captured them alive. Fei had already went through the documents and records of the three mercenaries, so killing them wouldn’t give Fei any psychological burden or feelings of guilt.

Fei didn’t care about the two mercenaries who were about to s--t their pants. He squatted down and pressed his right hand onto the chest of the bald man’s corpse. He suddenly roared lightly and a stream of magical force instantly rushed out of his palm and drilled into the dead body. Following a muffled “bang” sound, the corpse’s chest exploded. A huge bloody hole appeared on the chest and all the internal organs turned into a pool of thick blood.

It was the Barbarian’s 【Find Potion】.

Fei was disappointed by the result; not a single potion was found. Under the limitation of the level 1【Find Potion】, finding of a potion wasn’t guaranteed. There was the problem of probability.

Just like that, he had wasted a corpse.

Fei raised his arm and grabbed again. The big bearded mercenary couldn’t escape his fate and was grabbed by Fei. Regardless of the mercenary’s desperate screams and struggles, Fei smacked him dead and pressed his right palm onto this corpse’s chest as well. He lightly roared and the magical force surged; 【Find Potion】 was initiated again.


There was still only a slight explosion, and blood spilled everywhere.

All of the internal organs turned into sticky blood again, but Fei was disappointed again; no potion was found.

Fei frowned, and then he thought, “Could there be any differences between corpses in the Diablo World and the real world? Is that the reason why there weren’t any potion found? But on the battle on the stone bridge, 【Corpse Explosion】 in Necromancer Mode was perfectly executed. There shouldn’t be any problems……”

Fei turned around and looked at the final thin and tall mercenary. The last mercenary saw Fei’s stares, and he screamed, “Devil!”. Then, his eyes rolled and he fell unconscious.

Fei thought about it and realized that this mercenary might be useful later on, so he didn’t bother with the last mercenary.

He turned around and walked up to the silver masked knight’s corpse and took off his mask. A young face was under that mask; his brown hair still had an aroma in it. He had a curved nose, oval-shaped face, and smooth white skin. Anyone could tell that the knight was brought up in a wealthy and noble environment. The knight was very handsome while he was alive, but after his death, there were no difference between him and the other mercenaries.

The knight was wearing a set of delicate and luxurious armour. Although the knight was dead, there was a hint of magic power still circulating on the surface of the armour; a stream of visible blue energy stuck onto it. This was definitely a set of advanced magic armour. The reason why Fei killed the knight by piercing through his throat was to avoid damaging this set of armour. Naturally, he had a use for it.

Fei wasn’t polite. He removed all the armour and items off of the knight carefully and only left some normal clothes on the corpse. He pressed his right hand on to the chest, concentrated his powers and slightly roared. 【Find Potion】 was activated again and the light magical force drilled into the corpse……



Fei heard two sounds, one after another. The chest exploded and a huge bloody hole appeared. After a quick flash of green light, a test-tube like small bottle appeared out of thin air and floated up and away from all the splattering blood. After levitating about a foot high (30 cm), it stopped moving and floated in mid-air. The bottle was extremely smooth and the green liquid inside had a stunning shine.


Fei was stoked; he reached out and grabbed the green bottle.

A light warmth spread onto Fei’s palm from the glass bottle. It was soft and comfortable, just like a living thing. Fei could even vaguely feel a hint of intimacy. This green liquid was exuding a weak spiritual energy, as if it was a newborn lingering onto its mother.

“Huh? This is strange. It isn’t a red 【Healing Potion】, nor a blue 【Mana Potion】 or white【Stamina Potion】 or pink 【Rejuvenation Potion】 or even a yellow 【Exploding Potion】. What potion did I find?”

Fei quickly found out the difference between the potions that he had seen in the Diablo World and this green potion. He hesitated. He didn’t know what this potion was called, so he had no way of confirming the effect of this potion. If this was a deadly 【Poison Potion】, then wouldn’t it be suicide if he drank it?

He thought about it for a little while and saw the tall and thin mercenary who had fainted. His eyes shined and he suddenly had an idea. He walked up to the mercenary and kicked him up.  Without any explanation, he squeezed open the mercenary’s mouth and dripped a couple drops of the portion into it. The mercenary did everything he could to resist it, but his strength couldn’t even match a tenth of the level 16 barbarian’s monstrous strength. The potion easily slid down his throat and the mercenary started screaming in horror as he clutched onto his neck.

Fei stared at the mercenary closely.

The last mercenary was his “lab rat”.

One second……

Two seconds……

Five seconds……

The mercenary dug his fingers into his throat as he laid on the ground and tried to vomit and get the couple drops of “Evil Poisonous Potion” out of his body. But he was disappointed. After the potion entered his throat, it disappeared as if it had already been dissolved into his blood; even if he puked out his stomach, the potion wouldn’t come out of his body.

Fei stared at the mercenary and tried to find out the effect of the potion.

After a minute, aside from the struggling and retching, it seemed like there weren’t any other symptoms. The potion couldn’t heal or recover stamina….. “Did I miss something? Or does this green potion simply have no special effects?”

Fei was disappointed.

But at this moment, an something unexpected occurred –

Following the terrifying and painful screams of the tall and thin mercenary, a green light suddenly appeared on his face, and then it slowly expanded. It moved from his face to his neck, chest, arms and legs…… It ended with the light expanding to the mercenary’s entire body, which shivered crazily. Under his exposed skin, it seemed like there were living things continuously drilling through his body. There were numerous bulges on his body, along with exposed veins, his body was hideous and scary.

Finally, the mercenary turned green. His screams and roars slowed and quieted down. He stared at his own body in horror; his had a confused expression on his face. After a couple seconds, the green light and the green color on his body started to fade and eventually disappeared, as if nothing had happened.

However, Fei was pleasantly surprised.

This was because after the green light disappeared, the tall and thin mercenary had become mysteriously strong. He was ripped and the muscles on his body bulged. Anyone could see the explosive strength in his strong muscles. He looked lively now compared to his previous half-dead state.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The mercenary subconsciously his hands and heard a series of metal clanking noises. Iron chips and fragments flew everywhere; Fei’s pupil contracted because he clearly saw the four thick iron chains on the limbs of the mercenary being easily broken.

“This guy suddenly gained such a monstrous strength!”

His Barbarian’s understanding and familiarity with strength allowed Fei instantly make this judgment. A couple drops of the mysterious green potion had suddenly given this mercenary the strength of a level 5 Barbarian.


After feeling the tsunami-like monstrous strength surging in his body, the mercenary was extremely excited. He swung his fist randomly and left a deep and shocking mark into the hard stone wall; the collision didn’t even leave a single scratch on his fist.

“It looks like this mysterious green potion didn’t only grant him the powerful strength, but it also improved his body’s fitness. Otherwise, if his body were still weak, the repulsion force from leaving a deep mark into the stone wall would have at least broke open his hand.” Fei made another observation.

“Hahaha, little king, you asked for this yourself. I can feel the unprecedented strength. Hahaha, thank you so much! If you obey my order and take me out of here, I will spare your life!” The enormous increase in strength gave the mercenary a huge boost in confidence. He had a vicious look on his face; he cracked his knuckles as he approached Fei slowly.

“Protect the King!”

Oleg was guarding the gate when heard all the noises in the room and felt something was wrong. He hesitated a little bit, but ended up taking his sword and rushing into the concealed room. He utilized his one star warrior’s strength as he charged and struck at the mercenary while roaring.

The mercenary hit Oleg’s sword with a backhand smack. The huge force blew the sword from Oleg’s hand, causing it to fly in the air and get stuck in the stone wall. The huge strength also forced Oleg back a dozen steps; Oleg wasn’t a match for the mercenary……

After getting an advantage in combat, the mercenary’s confidence boosted even higher. He charged at Fei, wanting to seize the head of the kingdom and use Fei as a hostage to bargain his way out of this horrifying prison. He had already decided that after he got out of jail, the first thing he would do was chop that damn commander whose name was Brook into thousands of pieces.

However –

“Humph, overconfidence!”

Fei sneered; he didn’t even try. He swung his hand lightly and sent his hand flying at the mercenary’s head before the mercenary could even touch him. “Crack!” Without a doubt, the confident Mercenary followed the footsteps of the first bald mercenary; he was turned into a headless corpse instantly. The body dazzled a little bit and then slammed onto the ground. The strength of a level 5 Barbarian was like a pile of garbage in front of the strength of a level 16 Barbarian.

Fei then turned his head and stared at Warden Oleg who was in a big shock.

“Your Majesty, I……I heard all the noise and felt something was wrong. I was afraid that you were in danger, so……I……” As Oleg was speaking, he quickly kneeled onto the ground. “My apologies Your Majesty! My apologies. I shouldn’t have entered without your permission!”

Fei looked at the Warden who was shivering as if he was in a freezer and calmed down. “When Oleg rushed in, he didn’t see anything that he wasn’t supposed to see. Plus, he was concerned about my safety.” After a moment of silence, Fei spoke, “Next time there won’t be any exceptions. For your loyalty’s sake, I won’t hold you accountable for your intrusion this time. Please leave now!”

“Thank you Your Honour for pardoning me! Thank you!” Oleg quickly got up and exited the room.

The flames flickered, and four corpses were lying on the ground with their chests open beside a half dead skeleton-like mage. The atmosphere in the room was creepy as hell. However, Fei couldn’t hide his inner happiness. He pinched onto the green potion with his fingers and held it up close to his face to observe it closer and to feel the devastating energy that was in the potion.

“This green potion……Let’s call it the 【Hulk Potion】!”

Fei murmured to himself. He didn’t expect that the Barbarian’s 【Find Potion】 would discover such a crazy potion. After thinking about the magical effect the potion had on the mercenary, Fei couldn’t help but think about the famous fictional character in the superhero movies – The Hulk.

A couple days ago, Fei was worrying about improving the strength of the leadership at Chambord; now, he had the 【Hulk Potion】, and that question was solved!

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