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Hail the King Chapter 700.1

Chapter 700: A Single Slip Can Cause a Lasting Sorrow (Part One)

Seeing this familiar face in front of him, Fei didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“A single slip can cause a lasting sorrow…” [One Sword]’s face was filled with desolation and regret.

It didn’t matter if it were half a year ago when [One Sword] was still himself or a moment ago when [One Sword] was that demonic general, Fei never saw this kind of expression on his face.

After a short pause, [One Sword] continued with a bitter smile on his face, “King of Chambord, do you still want to kill me to avenge Zenit?”

Fei was silent. Slowly, he looked up and asked, “The act of treason… Were you the one who decided on it? Or were you controlled by that golden skeleton…”

“Is there a difference?” [One Sword] looked up at the stars in the sky and said in regret, “Right now, the entire empire knows that the Chaos Era is here, and I, [One Sword], am the biggest traitor. I led the united troops that are mainly made up of the Leon Empire and the Ormond Empire and charged into the territory of Zenit, surrounding St. Petersburg. This is already a fact, and the intelligence report at the Military Headquarters of Zenit already has all this on file. Do you think people will believe the story about the golden skeleton?”

Fei’s furrowed brows slowly relaxed, and he nodded and said, “I believe you.”

[One Sword] was a bit surprised, and he suddenly relaxed as well as he looked at Fei.

With a heart-warming smile, he said, “I didn’t expect that you, King of Chambord, would be the last person who would believe me… I regret it. I shouldn’t have been greedy and sign the agreement with that mysterious golden skeleton. I shouldn’t have traded my soul for great power!”

“… Did you know? When I went to the Spartax Battle Zone with Crown Prince Arshavin, I paid attention to all information involving you. When I learned that you advanced into Moon-Class, and your cultivation speed was that fast, I was still blocked by the threshold and couldn’t make a breakthrough. That feeling was worse than dying…”

“… I started practicing sword techniques when I was able to grasp onto a wooden sword. When the other kids were being spoiled by their parents and playing with their friends, I practiced the sword techniques day and night. When I was growing up, the only thing that was by my side was my sword. I thought I was able to be like Emperor Yassin and say that [One Sword] is inferior to no one. For a long time, I was able to say such a thing amongst the young generation. However, I met you during the competition at St. Petersburg half a year ago. My glory ended.”

Right now, the flesh on [One Sword]’s both arms were all gone, and blood continued to drip down, staining his fancy magic armor. However, it seemed like he didn’t notice it.

Fei looked at him and said, “Actually, I met you before the competition at St. Petersburg.”


“One year ago, we met at the peak of the east mountain of Chambord. During the canonization ceremony, you appeared and helped Elder Princess Tanasha. That was when we met.”

“You are right. I did come to Chambord once before. However, I didn’t even pay attention to you at the time, and I didn’t even notice you. In just about a year, you became the biggest obstacle in my cultivation path and the darkest shadow on my mind…”

As [One Sword] said that, his expression turned even more bitter.

After a short pause, he murmured, “From the news that I got in this half a year, I knew that there is no way for me to catch up even if I practice everyday and devote my life. In fact, even if I do that, the distance between us will only get bigger and bigger. I felt weak and powerless. When I was desperate, I met that terrifying golden skeleton. In front of the temptation of power, I made the biggest mistake of my life… I know what I did these past few days. Even though I got supreme power, I wasn’t able to control myself. The consequence of my mistake is really unrecoverable.

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  1. Draghnof

    The super powerful skeleton need the agreement of the owner of the before taking control of their body :-s

    Just this sentence show all the absurdness of the situation ….

    I hope the author made some good chapters/arcs after all this sh*t. What desolate me is that we will meet the skeleton again 🙁

    • LOL, think of it as making a deal with the devil. Technically the devil doesn’t need consent as well.

  2. OG

    Love the plot stacking! I do have a creeping un happpy but this chapt was great. Thanks Nudes

  3. While, the author didn’t keep it consistent, so we have to keep it logical. In terms of when to use it, it is 10% increase, so the later you use it, the more benefit you get.

    • Draghnof

      Oh thanks for the precision, I didn’t see it that way ahah I thought it would add ten % even for the stats who would have been gained after the use of the parchment 🙂

    • trollololol

      That’s not how diablo works. You have a stat that feeds into resistance as a number and THEN it becomes a damage reduction percentage. Imagine him going from 20 to 30% and the other scroll could make it 40% it’d also not make it harder for it to go up from leveling as it’s a set bonus , added after calculation.

  4. Apellon

    Cool twist . This is surprising enough – hope he can become a new saint seiya

  5. Man, this novel was 4/5 for me half a dozen chapters ago, but since this flying ship attacked it’s dropped down to a low 3/5 and is threatening to go into 2/5 territory. along with crap like Arifureta.

  6. I don’t get why he’s waiting to use those resist / health scrolls? They’re PERMANENT UPGRADES so he should have just used them immediately if he wasn’t gonna research them. What difference will it make to suddenly have +60hp and +10% resists in a tough battle VS just having them always? He might only be able to survive 1 more papercut at his level with all of that, so it’s literally pointless to hold off.

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