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Hail the King Chapter 700.2

Chapter 700: A Single Slip Can Cause a Lasting Sorrow (Part Two)

After hearing [One Sword]’s story, Fei sighed and didn’t know what to say.

The former No.1 Young Genius of Zenit fell into this state. One could only say that fate was tricky, and the events pushed by it were destined to happen.

“King of Chambord, I’m dying soon. Before that, can I ask you for a favor?” After a moment of silence, [One Sword] looked up and asked with a hopeful expression on his face.

“What is it?”

“I made a huge mistake this time, and I deserve to die. However, the Xuelun Kingdom is innocent. I really… Since I had fought for the empire before, I hope that you could protect the Xuelun Kingdom a little and help it preserve its bloodline.”

The Xuelun Kingdom was where [One Sword] was from.

Once the news about [One Sword]’s treasonous actions were known to the public, it would be hated by the citizens of Zenit. As long as the Royal Family of Zenit got a chance to breathe, the Xuelun Kingdom would be torn into pieces by its anger.

Since [One Sword] knew that he made an unrecoverable mistake, he was worried that the Royal Family of the Xuelun Kingdom would be dragged into this; he was a prince of Xuelun after all.

Therefore, it felt like [One Sword] was hoping that Fei could take care of his family.

“Ok.” Fei nodded earnestly without hesitation.

“Hahahahaha! Great! The promises of King Alexander are all kept, and they are more valuable than gold. Now, I can rest assured!” [One Sword] laughed after hearing Fei’s word, and it felt like his life energy got restored in him.

His laughter felt relieved and calm.

At this moment, an unbelievable amount of energy appeared on [One Sword] who was weak and dying.

Streaks of dark-red demonic energy instantly enveloped him, and a series of loud crackling noises sounded.

Flesh started to grow out of his shoulders where the injuries were at, and the flesh grew so fast that it felt like vines were being empowered by life energy. In the center of the new flesh, there were strong white bones.

In just a second, a brand-new pair of arms grew out of his shoulders.

As [One Sword] slightly waved his finger, a rusty and old sword dashed into his hand like a meteor. He lightly knocked it with his finger, and the buzzing sounds made by it put a surprised smile on [One Sword]’s face. It seemed like he found a rare treasure.

Then, [One Sword]’s body shook, and a significant amount of energy rushed out, instantly shattering the magic armor and the fancy inner clothes on his body.

Now, this man didn’t have anything on him; he was completely n*ked and revealed all his muscles.

“It is a shame not to be wearing anything, but it is even more shameful to battle in enemy’s clothes. I already made a huge mistake, so how could I move around while wearing the things that the enemy gave me. Hahahaha! I came to the world like this, and I will die in the same way…”

As he laughed, a heroic yet brave temperament appeared on [One Sword], and Fei never saw it before.

[One Sword] dashed toward the Xuan’ge that hadn’t left yet and laughed, “King of Chambord, let me give you one last gift!”

As his laughter resonated in the sky, the rusty sword in his hand suddenly shined brightly. Like cutting through a piece of paper, it easily pierced the green energy sphere around the Xuan’ge.


Many sword energies dashed out of [One Sword]’s sword; this man showed no mercy.

More than 20 soldiers who charged up were all cut in halves at their waists. The sword energies were so fast that these soldiers didn’t realize it until they ran forward for a few more steps. Their upper bodies and lower bodies separated, and they cried in terror.

Instantly, a giant pool of blood appeared on the deck.

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