Chapter: 701: The Swordsman’s Pride (Part One)

“[One Sword], what are you doing? Are you trying to commit treason?”

Standing in the command center under the mainsail, Prince Xanchua who was surrounded by many people instantly stood up and shouted angrily.

“I knew that you, a dirty native, aren’t a loyal dog! You ungrateful trash! Kill him!”

“Dirty native! Reckless and arrogant!”

The young men who were vicious and weak all shouted and cursed while standing beside Xanchua.

“Hahahaha! I practiced sword techniques for 29 years, and I experienced the most thrill when I drew my sword right now… Hahaha! One strike one kill! Haha! Let me kill all the enemies! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

[One Sword] completely ignored Prince Xanchua of Ormond’s shout, and he dashed around with sword energies flashing and circling him.

Without mercy, he would kill dozens of soldiers of Ormond every time he said the word ‘kill.’

Right now, there was a ferocious and manly temperament on him, which was rare to see. After all, he was usually cold and silent.

Somehow, his aura gradually became even more dominating, and it was similar to Fei’s.

In just a few seconds, [One Sword] already dashed through many defense formations that were put up by the soldiers of Ormond and got in front of the command center.

Fei stood in the air and sighed lightly.

With the king’s knowledge and understanding of strength, he already knew that [One Sword] was at the last moment of his life, and it was his will power that temporarily sustained his life energy.

This demonic power that suddenly appeared on him was probably residual energy left by that golden skeleton, and the rest of his power came from the fact that he was burning his life energy and soul.

By doing all that, his strength reached low-tier Morning Sun after that golden skeleton had left.

[One Sword] already saw through death and was willing to burn everything he got to get more power.

He could only live for a little over ten minutes now.

In the last moment of his life, [One Sword] who made a huge mistake handled it like a real man. He didn’t complain nor cry. Instead, he showed the dignity and honor of a real warrior, and he used the last few minutes of his life to make up for his mistake as much as possible.

[One Sword] was still that proud genius!

Fei agreed to take care of his Xuelun Kingdom, but [One Sword] didn’t want to owe such a big favor toward the king.

The gift that he mentioned was this Xuan’ge! He was going to kill all the Ormondians on this barge and gifted it to Fei.

Fei could sense the pride in [One Sword]’s heart.

It was the last bit of pride of a genius swordsman.

Therefore, the king didn’t offer him any help.


As [One Sword] laughed crazily, he shook the rusty sword, and a sword energy shot out of the sword, killing all the soldiers of Ormond who were blocking his way. Then, he leaped into the air and flew toward Prince Xanchua of Ormond who was standing beside the mainsail. At the same time, he struck forward with his sword and sent out dozens of brilliant sword energies.

These sword energies shot at Prince Xanchua like raindrops in a storm!

“Ah!!! Save me…” The dozen young men who were standing beside Prince Xanchua in fancy robes were terrified. Their faces paled, and they ran around like headless flies. They were no longer trying to flatter the prince.

In a split second, the merciless sword energies already got them.

“Humph! How dare you!”

The blond, muscular Peith who was fully armored roared and moved at this critical moment. He swung the broadsword in his hands and turned it into a wall of swords.

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