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Hail the King Chapter 701.2

Chapter: 701: The Swordsman’s Pride (Part Two)

Tink! Tink! Tink!

The broadsword blocked all the sword energies from [One Sword].

Tap! Tap! Tap!

After fending off those sword energies, Peith who was rough changed expressions. His pale face suddenly reddened, and his wrists numbed.

The broadsword buzzed violently, and the huge amount of impulsive force made him back off for several steps before he could stabilize himself.

[One Sword] was already on the realm of Sun-Class, and Peith was only at peak Full Moon. Even with the combat weapon in his hands, he was still half a step away from Sun-Class. It was impressive how he was able to defend against those sword energies.

“Protect Xanchua His Highness!”

In this critical moment, Peith didn’t have time to calm down and smooth out the chaotic warrior energy in his body. He instantly rushed over to Xanchua and stood in front of him.

In the same time, more than a dozen royal guards leaped into the air, trying to stop the murderous [One Sword] with their lives fearlessly.


With a few swings, [One Sword] turned these dozens of royal guards into piles of flesh; it was way too easy for him!

He was on a mission, and no one could stop him!

In just a few seconds, he landed on the command center.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He didn’t stop and dashed toward Prince Xanchua who was standing in front of that fancy golden chair.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of metal-colliding noises sounded, and sparks flew in all directions.

Peith who was really loyal to Xanchua pulled the prince aside, blocked some of the sword energies, and shouted, “This man is crazy! He lost his mind! Your Highness, please get away!”

Then, he leaped forward while swinging his huge sword, blocking all the sword energies that contained a ton of murderous spirits.

He temporarily stopped [One Sword].

“Yeah, it is too dangerous here!”

“Your Highness, it is better for us to leave here right away! This dirty native lost his mind! Your Highness is of high status, and you shouldn’t risk getting hurt!”

“Yeah, Your Highness! We will protect you! Let’s activate the teleportation array and get out of here!”

The young men who were weak and terrified ran over from various locations, and they surrounded Xanchua with anxious expressions on their faces.

As they recommended him to retreated, they all looked like they genuinely cared about his safety.

In reality, only princes of the Ormond Empire had the ability to activate teleportation arrays. If this weren’t the case, these timid young men would have run away as far as they could.

In this dangerous situation, Xanchua still didn’t look anxious. In fact, he even had a calm smile on his face.

Seeing his playmates around him, he laughed and said slowly, “Since you guys care so much about me, I’m really touched. Since we are in this much danger, we probably can’t get away. However, I couldn’t just watch you guys, who are loyal to me, getting killed by the dirty natives…”

“Your Highness, you are so kind!”

“Sob… Your Highness treats us so nicely! We are touched!”

The pale young men all appeared to be thankful after hearing what Xanchua said.

However, Xanchua changed his expression in the next moment. With a cold sneer, he said, “Since none of you can get away, and I couldn’t let you get killed by the dirty natives and stain the honor of the Ormond Empire, I will send you guys to heaven personally!”

After he said that, he drew out his knife, and a dash of light shined.

Blood was spilled, and the young men were cut in halves at their waists before they could even react.

With a cold expression on his face, Xanchua’s aura turned vicious and domineering. He took off his bright yellow cape and threw it away in the wind, and he cleaned the blood off his knife with the bottom of his shoe. As he looked at the corpses around him, he sneered again, “Toys will get old and boring. Why would I still feed you when you dumb dogs can’t even comfort your owner?”

Killing a dozen people easily without trying! This Prince Xanchua of Ormond was a master as well!

Right now, the aura on him wasn’t inferior to General Peith. In fact, it seemed like he was even stronger.

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