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Hail the King Chapter 702.1

Chapter 702: Watch You Dominate (Part One)

“General Peith, I’m coming to help you!” Xanchua laughed and leaped forward, joining the battle.

His knife cut at [One Sword] mercilessly!

With the help from Prince Xanchua, Peith who was in a very dangerous situation finally got the support he needed.

This was now a two-on-one battle. Prince Xanchua and General Peith were able to coordinate well, and their sword technique and knife technique complimented each other. They were able to defend and attack accordingly.

Gradually, Xanchua showcased a side of him that was even crazier than Peith.

As he shouted and battled, he looked like a mad lion. The situation that was one-sided and [One Sword] favored gradually got turned, and it was back to 50-50.

As time passed, Fei could tell that [One Sword] was slowly going into a disadvantage.

Although [One Sword] temporarily reached Sun-Class by used the demonic energy that golden skeleton left in his body, as well as burning his own soul, he wasn’t a real Sun-Class Lord after all, and he wasn’t proficient at using this level of power. Therefore, Peith and Xanchua who were only at peak Moon-Class were able to turn the situation around slowly. Otherwise…

If this trend continued, [One Sword] was going to lose for sure. After all, he had limited time.

When Fei was considering if he should join the battle and help out, the battle on the Xuan’ge changed again.

Peith suddenly chopped down horizontally with his sword, and his combat weapon shined brightly.

At the moment, [One Sword]’s sword already pressed Xanchua into a desperate situation, and Peith wanted to use this merciless strike to force [One Sword] to turn around to defend.

On the other side, Xanchua already ignored [One Sword]’s attack as he anticipated his opponent to back off for now. He was already planning the counterattack since he and Peith coordinated so well.

However, something unexpected occurred at this moment.

“Hahahaha!” [One Sword] suddenly laughed like a madman, and he tilted his head so that Peith’s terrifying strike wouldn’t cut into his head; that was all he did.

Instead of dodging Peith’s strike, [One Sword] doubled down and thrust his sword forward even faster, instantly piercing into the left chest of Xanchua who wasn’t expecting this.

[One Sword]’s rusty sword was deep into Xanchua’s body, and the front of the sword already pierced through Xanchua’s back. This prince’s heart was punctured without a doubt.

“You…” The smile on Xanchua’s face froze, and he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing as he looked down at the rusty sword in his chest. Now, his blood was dripping down the blade of this rusty sword.


Blood splashed.

Peith landed his sword on [One Sword], and it chopped off [One Sword]’s left arm. The injury was so deep that [One Sword] almost got cut in half.

However, none of that was useful.

This brave and ferocious general of Ormond could only watch as the prince of his empire got pierced through his heart. There was no way that this prince could live on.

Peith felt like his head went blank, and the world in his eyes collapsed and shattered.

“This dirty native is so fearless. He is determined to kill His Highness even if he gets killed…” he thought.

“NO…” Peith let out a roar.

However, his roar paused in the next second.

He looked down and was stunned again.

The same rusty sword that pierced through Xanchua’s heart penetrated his stomach.

He wasn’t sure when, but [One Sword] already pulled out his sword from Xanchua’s body, and he instantly turned it around and pieced it into his own stomach.

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    Heart on the right side, again.

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