Chapter 702: Watch You Dominate (Part Two)

Like meat on a skewer, the rusty first pierced through [One Sword] and then Peith. Right now, the tip of the sword was showing on Peith’s back, and the blood was dripping down non-stop.

It was a desperation strike! [One Sword] was determined to kill these two people didn’t matter if he died or not.

“Damn native! Die!!!!!!!”

Peith was both angry and scared. He struck [One Sword]’s back with his palm, and the huge force sent [One Sword] flying forward.

Bam! [One Sword] smashed onto the mainsail that was at least four meters wide in diameter, and more blood splashed. It was clear that he was going to die soon.

Even though Peith was severely injured, he still appeared brave and tough. He rushed over to Xanchua and put the latter in his arms. He took out bottles of healing potion and shouted in panic, “Your Highness, how are you feeling? Your Highness, you must stay still! There must be a way to save you!”

Xanchua opened his mouth, and a mouth of bloody foam flowed out. With a bitter smile on his face, he stuttered and said, “Hehe… So… So… this is the real battle. Cough… It… it is… crueler than practice. I… I was… too careless… However, hahahah, eh… As a prince of… of the empire, I’m willing to… die for Ormond on… on the battlefield. General Peith, you are a real general of the empire… You need to leave… Leave! You need to tell… tell His Majesty not to underestimate… underestimate these natives. They are…. They are also brave warriors!”

As he said that, Xanchua used his last bit of force to grab a jade pendant by his waist, and a teleportation array appeared on the deck.

Before Peith could say anything, Xanchua struck him with his palm, sending Peith flying into the portal.

After a dash of light flashed, the teleportation array disappeared from the deck.


Xanchua fell onto the deck.

This young yet calculative prince of the Ormond Empire was supposed to shine and showcase his strength and strategies in the Chaos Era. However, due to his momentary carelessness and arrogance, he underestimated the strength of a low-level empire, and he died in the sky above Chambord. It was a pitiful story.

However, the Chaos Era was cruel.

It didn’t matter how talented or how prestigious a person was; he or she was equivalent to everyone else under danger. Once they got killed during battles and wars, their corpses would fall and be corroded away by time, turning into nutrients to the soils.

“Hahahaha! I practiced sword for 29 years, but the mistake I made is too big. I want to kill more enemies, but I no longer have the ability. I regret this! I regret this!!”

Lying beside the mainsail, [One Sword] who was severely injured finally cried, and tears rolled down his face.

He made a big mistake and led invaders of Ormond into the territory of Zenit. He couldn’t redeem himself anymore.

Even though almost half of his body got chopped off, no blood flowed out of the enormous wound. All his energy, essence, and blood were burned.

As he tried his best to stand up and walk to the edge of the Xuan’ge with his rusty sword as a walking cane, he looked down at the land.

As a loving and intoxicated expression appeared on his face, more tear slid down his thin face and fall to the deck.

He suddenly turned around, looked at Fei, and laughed, “Hahaha, King of Chambord, I will watch you protect Zenit and establish supreme dominance while the stars embrace me… Also, be careful of that golden skeleton!”

After he said that, he leaped into the air.

Like a giant flying bird, he dashed into the nightly sky.

In the next second, before he could fall, his body turned into many light red particles like a sand sculpture.

As the nightly wind blew by, [One Sword] turned into millions of pieces and covered this land of Zenit.

A genius swordsman of the empire had fallen!

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