Chapter 703: Inside the Xuan’ge (Part One)

Fei witnessed this scene and didn’t know how he should react.

This scene was way too similar to another scene he witnessed a while back.

On the peak of Martial Saint Mountain, Martial Saint Krasic also turned into ashes, and his remains covered the vast territory of Zenit.

Although [One Sword] made a mistake on his path of cultivation and brought the war to Zenit, it was already the opening of the Chaos Era; Zenit was going to fall into wars and disorder in a matter of time.

[One Sword] was just unlucky and played a tragic role in the unfolding story.

In reality, Fei was actually a little sympathetic toward [One Sword]. This man was a genius who had a tragic ending.

During the Chaos Era, human lives were going to be worth as much as grasses, and heroes and geniuses were going to die regularly.

In fact, Fei was surprised by this Prince Xanchua of Ormond, and he even admired the latter’s performance in that desperate situation.

The continent was as pretty as a painting, and it gave birth to many heroes and geniuses.

The king dashed forward and drew in the air with his fingers. The golden sword energy instantly cut open the green energy sphere of the Xuan’ge.

After he landed on the deck, he waved his hand and called over [The Throne of Chaos].

“Let’s clear out the remaining soldiers of Ormond and gain control of this barge.”

Under the lead of Old Aryang, Fei and Robbin quickly took care of the remaining enemies on the deck.

Then, they went to the entrance at the command center which was located by the mainsail, and they entered the inner cabin.

The inside of the Xuan’ge was very spacious, and everything was organized well. The black walls that were made from ironwood looked metallic, and it was comparable to the powerful aircraft carriers that Fei had seen in his previous life. The only main difference was that the knowledge of the magic civilization powered this barge.

The three of them walked on the main path, and Fei and Robbin eliminated the rest of the defending soldiers of Ormond.

There were all kinds of complicated offensive and defensive magic arrays inside the Xuan’ge, and it was clear that magic array masters made them.

On top of magic arrays, there were many mechanisms, thick iron gates, and traps, designed to make the enemies of Ormond have a hard time moving forward.

It was clear that when the Xuan’ge was being built, the creators already considered the possibility of enemies getting inside the barge.

By having these designs here, it was much easier for well-trained soldiers and operators of the barge to defeat the enemies in this closed-space.

Unfortunately, the enemy of Ormond this time was a monster like Fei.

His understanding of magic arrays already reached a high level. With his spirit energy spread out, he could quickly figure out the magic theories and designs of the arrays. Since he could solidify his spirit energy and turned it into tangible items, Fei only needed to destroy the cores of the magic arrays, and that would put out the arrays in a few seconds.

On top of this, he also had the brute force to destroy anything under Sun-Class.

With [One Sword] who was in command of this Xuan’ge waking up and betraying Ormond, Prince Xanchua miscalculating the battle and dying under [One Sword]’s attack, and General Peith severely injured and disappearing, the soldiers of Ormond lost all top-level commanders, and they fell into a state of chaos. They couldn’t organize themselves properly and defend, allowing Fei to easily get into the control station of the Xuan’ge under Old Aryang’s instructions.

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