Chapter 703: Inside the Xuan’ge (Part Two)

“Huh?” After getting to the deepest part of the Xuan’ge, Fei was surprised by what he saw, and he paused his steps.

Near the gate of the control station of the Xuan’ge, there were about 100 strong men crowded there. They were all in ragged clothes, had scars on their faces, and were chained around their wrists and ankles. However, they looked ferocious and murderous.

Beside them, there were the corpses of some soldiers of Ormond. It was clear that they were just killed since their wounds were still fresh, and the blood was flowing on the floor.

“Who are they? How come they killed the soldiers of Ormond and gathered here?” Fei thought.

While Fei was confused, Old Aryang patted his forehead and thought of something.

He got close to the king and whispered, “They are the ship slaves on the Xuan’ge. Most of them are vicious warriors who committed hideous crimes, captives from wars, and gladiators who survived in the Colosseum. They would be locked up at the bottom of the Xuan’ge, and they are assigned dirty and dangerous tasks. They rarely get to see the sun. Since most of them are murderous, they took the chance and killed the soldiers who were in charge of them, gaining control of the control station.”

“Ship slaves?” Fei nodded.

These people had indescribably wild auras on them, and they were more like beasts that were brought up in the wilderness instead of humans. Perhaps since they hadn’t seen the Sun for a long time, strange lights appeared in their eyes, and their pupils looked different. Their eyes looked similar to cats’, and their pupil would change sizes more drastically when the strength of lights changed.

These ship slaves were all in different shapes and sizes, and they didn’t look friendly at all. The only positive about being at the bottom of the Xuan’ge for a long time was that their skins were all smooth and white.

These people weren’t that strong. Most of them were One-Star to Two-Star, and the most powerful person among them was only a Five-Star Warrior. It looked like he was the leader of the ship slaves.

Old Aryang whispered a bit more things into Fei’s ear, and the king’s expression changed color. He instantly walked toward the control station.

Seeing this, the ship slaves instantly roared like angry beasts, and they surrounded the three people with vicious lights in their eyes. They were planning to stop Fei from entering the control station.

“Back off!” Fei roared with his voice that was empowered by his terrifying strength, and the sound waves hit the ship slaves who were closest to him, making them puke up blood and stagger.

The rest of the ship slaves couldn’t even move forward. They all backed to two sides with terrified expressions on their faces.

A few of them tried to act tough and fight back, but the huge pressure that was coming from Fei felt like giant mountains. These ship slaves all felt like they were carrying giant mountains on their backs, and their bones cracked loudly.

In the end, all of them collapsed on the ground, and they couldn’t even raise their heads, let alone fighting back.

The gate to the control station was tightly closed, and dashes of green magic energy flames covered it.

Robbin struck the gate several times and couldn’t open it.

Fei stepped up and placed his palm on the gate.


The golden energy flames flashed by, and this sturdy gate made from ironwood was instantly opened.

A series of gasps sounded from the control station.

Before Fei could stand still after he stepped in, a dash of knife energy flew toward his face.

Someone took this opportunity to sneak-attack him.

Afraid that continued battle would damage the delicate and sensitive controls in here, Fei unleashed his full strength. He dashed around the control station in a flash, and all the enemies, including the person who was attacking him, all roared and screamed.

Since the difference in power was too great, the six to seven officials of Ormond and about a dozen ship slaves who were facing off were all struck to the ground by Fei’s finger strikes.

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