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Hail the King Chapter 704.1

Chapter 704: Two Strange Men (Part One)

“Who… who are you?”

A ship slave who was in his thirties asked with a shaky voice. This man was a bit dirty and chubby. His right lower leg was missing below his knee, and a metal peg leg replaced it.

Even though this ship slave was not weak and was a Six-Star Warrior, all his warrior energy got locked down after Fei pressed his body with a finger.

Fei’s golden energy blocked all his energy channels. It didn’t matter how hard this man tried to break free; it was no use.

Beside this man, there lied another man who was muscular and tall. His long black hair was tied into braids, and he had a red bandana on his head. There were two dark circles around his eyes, making him look like a panda. Even though he wasn’t moving, his eyes were rolling around, making him look very cunning.

This man’s strength was even higher than the man with the peg leg, and he was at peak Six-Star.

Fei ignored both of them.

Under Old Aryang’s instruction, he quickly got to a corner at the control station that looked ordinary.


Fei’s spirit energy rushed out and enveloped the area.

After about one minute, the king exhaled deeply and shut down a small magic array that was about the size of a palm and flashing red light.

Then, he lightly lifted the cover on the magic array with his finger, revealing a mystic white stone that was about the size of half a palm.

There were many thin hair-like magic pathings engraved onto this piece of white stone, and blood-like red flames were flashing through the engravings.

“No!” Old Aryang was surprised to see this. He shouted, “Someone already activated this Xuan’ge’s self-detonation array formation…”

Every single Xuan’ge that the Ormond Empire constructed had self-detonation devices planted in them, and it was designed this way so that the Xuan’ge would never get captured by the enemies. After all, the materials used and the creation process were all core secrets of the Ormond Empire, and they couldn’t let their enemies understand and replicate Xuan’ge.

“Hahahaha, you bunch of dirty natives want to get control of this Xuan’ge? In your dreams!” A low-level commander who was knocked down by Fei saw this, and he laughed crazily, “How could the great Ormond Empire dominate the continent if our enemies could get their hands on the Xuan’ge this easily? Don’t even bother trying! Dirty natives, you are all going to die with this Xuan’ge!”

What he said angered and terrified the ship slaves as well, and they all panicked; even that ship slave who had dark circles around his eyes got anxious. However, it didn’t matter how hard they tried to break free; it was useless. Fei’s strength was too much for them.

In comparison, the few commanders of Ormond knew that they couldn’t survive through this, and they looked fanatic. It felt like they were proud to die with the Xuan’ge.

The elite soldiers and commanders of a level 7 empire sure were brave and fearless.

Fei didn’t say anything more. He closed his eyes and sent out his spirit energy again.

His spirit energy condensed into thin strands like hair in silence, and they slowly merged into the thin magic pathings of that self-detonation array which were engraved onto the white stone.

Having studied all kinds of magic array knowledge with Akara and Cain for about a year and read [Demon King’s Sword], which was the cultivation encyclopedia of the Mythical Era, Fei was already a grandmaster when it came to the understanding of magic knowledge and combat techniques. Even though the barbarians didn’t excel in magic, Fei was the only exception.

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