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Hail the King Chapter 704.2

Chapter 704: Two Strange Men (Part Two)

In addition to that, the king’s spirit energy was unparalleled after he trained using the methods on that mysterious purple scroll, and he knew many mysterious spirit energy techniques.

As long as there was enough time, it wasn’t hard for Fei to decrypt and break the self-detonation magic array in front of him.

After ten seconds, the commanders of Ormond’s eyes widened as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing; the blood-red magic energy flames that were flashing on that mystic white stone gradually died down.

“This is impossible!” Those commanders of Ormond murmured as their faces paled.

“Thank god! Hahaha! Thank god! We will live on…” That man with the peg leg and that man with the dark circles around his eyes both laughed loudly with sweat on their foreheads, and they looked filthy.

Now, Fei finally had time to observe this control station of the Xuan’ge carefully.

This room was about 100 square meters big, and all kinds of magic pathings were engraved onto the walls.

Fei glanced at them and instantly understood their functions. Some of them were meant to strengthen the walls, some of them were designed to transfer energy, and some were used to pass commands. On the east side of the control station, there was a magic screen that was about five meters wide and two meters tall, looking like a LED panel. From the control station, people were able to see what was happening around the Xuan’ge clearly. Fei was quite surprised by this.

Except for the magic arrays, there were some magic mechanisms and devices that had to be powered by specific kinds of magic crystals, and there were also some ordinary mechanisms that had lights flashing on them.

Since ironwood had properties similar to metal, its effect was utilized to an extreme. The smooth walls and floors looked like they were cast from alloy, making the entire control station look very clean yet high-tech.

Suddenly, the control station shook violently at this moment.

In the next second, almost everyone on the Xuan’ge could feel that the entire barge was shaking and swaying like a drunk man walking.

Through the magic screen, Fei could see that the huge Xuan’ge was crashing toward the ground.

Old Aryang was terrified.

He quickly rushed to the control panel below the screen, took out various colored magic crystals from a chest that had magic arrays engraved around it, and switched out the magic crystals that were currently placed in the various mechanism and devices.

Green energy flames started to appear around the Xuan’ge.

Even though the descending speed was slowed, the Xuan’ge still couldn’t stay in the air.

“Your Majesty, this is no use! We must come up with another way! This Xuan’ge is huge and can be the center of a Xuan’ge fleet, and it requires at least 100 people to operate all the mechanisms for it to travel in the sky smoothly. Right now, almost all the operators of Ormond were killed by these ship slaves who suddenly rebelled. Without enough operators, I can’t control this Xuan’ge alone! It will crash sooner or later!” Old Aryang said to Fei in all seriousness.

“Hey, Kid! Let us go! We know how to operate this barge! Real talk! Otherwise, we wouldn’t dare to kill all these Ormond dogs…” That ship slave with dark circles around his eyes and a red bandana on his head shouted, and he voice sounded a bit sissy, not fitting his tough appearance. Beside him, the ship slave with the peg leg also chimed in with his deep voice.

The two of them coordinated well and complimented what each other was saying.

Fei only glanced at the man with the dark eyes around his eyes, and he knew that the latter was up to no good.

[TL Note: Knowing the Author, what do you guys think of these two ship slave leaders?]

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  1. mandorain

    This Empire is really strong but they do not rule the world so what other empires are keeping them in check? Also I like that bandanna slave just for saying “real talk!” I hope he behaves.

    • bananaisblue

      Other empires might be busy conquering other smaller empires too. And a level 7 empire should have more than 10 millions of soldiers. Big enough to just send a small fraction of the army to conquer a level 1 empire such as Zenit. And still having enough soldiers to defend against other superpowers.

  2. OG

    My thoughts exactly! But they should let them free to save the ship. Then deal with them.

  3. Roberto Rodrigues

    Como o Jack Sparrow foi parar ai? Hahahahaha

    • Fan

      Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa…and they can operate this barge (ship)…I bet on next chapter we’ll discover they are Sky Pairates!

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