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Hail the King Chapter 705.1

Chapter 705: Captain Sparrow and Captain Barbossa (Part One)

After chuckling a little, Fei ignored the two ship slaves and looked at Robbin.

Robbin instantly understood Fei’s command. He drew out his knife and immediately killed the commanders of Ormond who were shouting and cursing at them. Then, he threw the corpses into the pile of corpses of the operators who were killed by the rebel ship slaves

Seeing this, all the ship slaves including that man with the dark circles around his eyes and that man with the peg leg shivered a little, feeling like they were inside a freezer.

“Since these three men easily killed all the masters of Ormond on the Xuan’ge, they aren’t kind and easy-going people. If they want to, they can easily kill us as well. They are way more murderous than the Ormondians,” the ship slaves thought to themselves. These beast-like ship slaves finally realized that even though they killed a bunch of vicious wolves, three more terrifying lions came after.

“Even if the Xuan’ge crashes into the ground, the three of them can leave here easily. However, we can’t even move around, and we have to accept our death!” the ship slaves thought further.

They realized that their situation didn’t get better but worse.

Now, the man with the red bandana on his head got a lot more honest, and anxiety could be seen on his face. He quickly said, “We surrender! We surrender! Your Majesty, all of us are willing to listen to your commands! Please free us! We can help you land this Xuan’ge onto the ground safely! This is a powerful Xuan’ge. With it, your troops can dominate the sky!”

“Yeah, we are a bunch of men who are very loyal and brave! Since Your Majesty saved us from the damn Ormondians, you are our savior! From now on, all of us will serve you…” The man with the metal peg leg chimed in and said earnestly.

In just this short moment, the Xuan’ge had fallen about 400 meters, and the people in the control station could clearly see the structures on the ground through the magic screen.

However, Fei wasn’t too worried even though he saw this as well. He sat onto the chair in the middle of the control station and glanced at the ship slaves one more time. In the end, his eyes landed on the man with the red bandana and the man with the metal peg leg; these two people seem like they were the leaders of the slaves and had some influence.

Fei looked at them with a smile on his face, and he didn’t say anything.

The two of them instantly closed their mouths.

For some reason, they were a little scared.

“Even though this young man with black hair doesn’t look sharp, his eyes are too powerful! Why do I feel like I’m completely naked in his eyes, and all my secrets are exposed to him?” the two of them thought.

Even though Fei was only sitting there smiling, his aura completely dominated the two, making them feel terrified and weak.

“What are your names,” Fei suddenly asked as he looked at the man with the red bandana on his head. His tone was so majestic that others couldn’t refuse his orders.

The man with the red bandana was stunned. Even though he wanted to resist, he couldn’t do it. Therefore, he could only answer honestly, “I have been imprisoned on this damn Xuan’ge for 11 years, and these damn Ormondians treated me like an animal. I was only given a codename, and I have already forgotten my old name…”

“What about you?” Fei asked as he turned to the man with the metal peg leg.

“For the last 16 years, they all call me, Iron Leg.” That man who was dirty and had a thick beard answered as he gritted his teeth.

Fei nodded and said, “From now on, you will be called Barbossa, Hector Barbossa. And you…”

He turned to the man with the red bandana and said with a faint smile on his face, “From now on, your name will be Sparrow, Jack Sparrow.”

“Damn you, Kid! Who do you think you are? Why should we listen to you?” the two of them replied at the same time.

Most of the ship slaves were arrogant characters, especially these two. They were cunning, shameless, and selfish. Even though the king might have the majestic aura, he couldn’t conquer them and get them to listen to his commands.

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  1. Ghost

    pirates of the caribbean (of flying ships)

  2. Kishenkp

    Lol seriously?
    Capt’n Jack sparrow sails ships on sea not in the sky.

  3. Kishenkp

    Keep the names in English….
    The author named them for a reason.

  4. Keep doing the same as you are now with the names, they’re great. Makes it easy to remember everyone.

  5. OG

    Yea I almost dropped my ohone after reading the last comme rd…. And here is some cheese!

    Thanks niodles!

  6. bob

    my head hurts raeding that chap .. maybe becase i hit the table a coupl of times but only maybe

  7. Vexres

    Hopefully pulling names from earth doesn’t become super common. I still remember from a different novel that the main character named a whole ship fleet after McDonalds, that one got outta control with names

    • Nathan

      Aye bro, what novel is that?

    • belkak210

      Mmmm, sorry to disappoint you but names from Earth are super used in this novel.
      A lot people are named after footballers.

  8. Mohd Salim B Mansurdin

    It’d the flying dutchman

  9. Nuex Mark

    ehh….your on chap 705 and still surprised about the names…

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