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Hail the King Chapter 705.2

Chapter 705: Captain Sparrow and Captain Barbossa (Part Two)

Fei didn’t get angry after hearing that. With a gentle expression on his face, he said, “It is simple. If you don’t listen to me, you will die!”

After hearing that, both leaders of the ship slaves shut their mouths and looked a little afraid. They had been locked at the bottom of the Xuan’ge for many years, and they had seen many people and witnessed many battles.

They could adequately evaluate people, and they could tell that this young man wasn’t joking. If they resisted any more, they would end up like those commanders of Ormond who were still alive a moment ago.

“Thank you, Your Majesty! From now on, my name will be Jack Sparrow. This is a great name! I love it!” The man with the red bandana said with a bright smile on his face, but his eyes were rolling around.

“Then, my name will be Hector Barbossa! Hahaha! Ship Slave Barbossa! Hahaha!” The man with the metal peg leg also became sincerer.

Fei had a lot of life experience now, so he could tell that these two people didn’t mean what they said. Even though he was a little disappointed since his majestic aura couldn’t tame these two arrogant characters, he knew that it was a hard thing to do.

After thinking for a bit, he lightly grasped in the air with one hand, and strands of golden energy flames dispersed into the area from these two.

As soon as that happened, the two men jumped up from the floor and dashed out of the gate like lightning bolts! They were extremely fast.

They were fast, but Robbin was faster!

Like a gust of wind, Robbin instantly appeared before the gate of the control station, and he swung his knife, sending several knife energies at the two men.

Even though these two men were cunning, these knife energies were far beyond the power they had ever experienced themselves. Therefore, they had to back off and retreat.

The knife energies continued to move forward, forcing them back even more.

When their bodies were pressed against the wall and had nowhere to hide, those knife energies suddenly disappeared a meter away as if they never existed.

The two men were stunned and realized that this thin warrior was far stronger than them. If this warrior wanted to kill them, he could have done it with ease.

“Damn you! Alexander His Majesty is interested in you, and you should be glad! How dare you try to escape? Do you want to die?” Robbin was angry, and he got murderous. He didn’t like these ship slaves who were selfish and vicious. If the king didn’t express interest in them, he would have turned them into piles of flesh.

Sparrow and Barbossa knew that they couldn’t escape, so they squatted down and didn’t move anymore.

Fei smiled and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t like these vicious, animal-like ship slaves. Even if he weren’t going to kill them, he was going to expel them. However, the two leaders looked way too similar to Captain Sparrow and Captain Barbossa who were primary characters in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. These two people didn’t just look like them; their personalities, speech, and behaviors were almost all identical!

Since these two people were unique, the king who had a bad habit of making this world a little similar to his previous world wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

“Eh… shoo…” While Fei was thinking, Jack winked at the king to attract his attention and pointed at the magic screen with his fingers.

“Eh… Your Majesty. Your loyal servant Jack must remind you that the Xuan’ge is about to crash into the ground. If you aren’t going to let us control this Xuan’ge, it will be destroyed, and all of us will die,” he said while stuttering a little.

Everyone looked in the direction of the magic screen.

Just like what Sparrow said, the buildings and people on the ground were getting clearer. After just a little while, the Xuan’ge was only about 300 meters away from the ground.

[TL Note: Ay, a lot of you guessed correctly! As we get to the second half of the novel, the names of some big soccer players and clubs are going to appear. If you want it to stay that way in English, or if you want it to be translated into more generic names, please comment below. We will count up the comments tomorrow and decide on what we will do from this point on. If there aren’t a lot of opinions, we will keep it the same in English to respect the Author’s creative decision.]

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