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Hail the King Chapter 706.1

Chapter 706: Hatred (Part One)

The situation was really dangerous, and all the ship slaves were terrified, trying their best to break free.

By now, Fei already confirmed that these two guys, both Sparrow and Barbossa, were cunning and dirty.

Even though it seemed like the Xuan’ge was about to crash, he didn’t look worried.

Since the time was limited, he no longer waited for them to completely swore loyalty to him and forced it instead.

As he thought about that, his spirit energy rushed out of his body and dashed into the bodies of the two.

Then, Fei clapped his hands and laughed, “If you two didn’t look like two old friends of mine, I wouldn’t be able to suppress my murderous spirit. If I didn’t want to recruit you two, you guys would… I know that you two are cunning and bad eggs, but I would advise you not to play any tricks. I have already planted spiritual seals in your bodies. Even if you two run to the end of the continent, I can still easily find you. Killing two Six-Star Warriors are no different to killing two ants for me. This is your last opportunity, and don’t test my patience.”

After saying that, golden energy flames flashed, and Fei disappeared from the control station.

Both Sparrow and Barbossa frowned, but they didn’t dare to do anything.

Even though these two were cunning and vicious, they were scared by Fei’s tactics. For a moment, they didn’t dare to do anything strange.

In the next second, they heard the loud shouts coming from other ship slaves who were staring at the magic screen.

They looked over and saw the black-haired young king appearing below the Xuan’ge.

He reached out his hand and pressed onto the bottom of the Xuan’ge. Even though it looked like he didn’t use much force, this giant Xuan’ge that weighed more than hundreds of tons was slowed down and gradually stopped falling.

“Hiss!” A series of gasps sounded inside the control station.

The ship slaves were all stunned by what they saw.

Robbin and Old Aryang knew that the king was brave and powerful, so they weren’t that surprised.

However, Sparrow and Barbossa were shocked by this scene and almost hugged each other, screaming.

Even though the Ormond Empire was established by powerful masters and didn’t lack talents, the two of them hadn’t seen anyone who was as powerful as this black-haired young man.

They had stayed on this barge for more than ten years, and they clearly knew that this huge Xuan’ge weighed at least hundreds of tons despite being made from ironwood which was extremely light.

“This handsome young man is in mid-air, so he couldn’t borrow force from anywhere. He is using his own power to carry this Xuan’ge. He is making it look so easy as if he is carrying a feather… This power…” Fei’s strength was beyond their wildest imaginations.

“Who is this young man?” Sparrow and Barbossa thought to themselves, “Why is such a heroic and powerful figure here in such a remote region?”

After seeing this, these two cunning characters finally extinguished their bad thoughts and became simple-minded.

Although they were vicious, they weren’t that powerful and didn’t have the backing of powerful empires. To them, serving under such a supreme master wasn’t a bad thing.

All the people in the area witnessed this. The ship slaves inside the Xuan’ge cheered since they weren’t going to die, and the citizens of Chambord who were protected by the energy sphere were thrilled to see their king demonstrate his power, making them cheer loudly as well.

Fei was now in control of the Xuan’ge, and he wasn’t in a hurry to land it.

After looking around, he got an idea and flew to the back mountains of Chambord with the Xuan’ge in hand.

He quickly got to Five Sword Sky Mountain and found a mountain beside it that wasn’t too steep.

He waved the other hand that wasn’t supporting the Xuan’ge, and a golden sword energy flew over, slicing off the mountaintop and creating a large flat surface that was about 20 hectares in size.

This scene shocked the ship slaves again.

Then, Fei slowly descended and put the Xuan’ge onto this plateau.

Everyone in the control station saw this clearly, and Sparrow and Barbossa who were more experienced and thoughtful than other ship slaves were stunned to their cores; they had never seen someone this powerful!

“He can literally break mountains and move seas! This black-haired king is so young, and his path of cultivation is bright! Who can predict how powerful he will be in the future?”

The ship slaves had all been imprisoned on the Xuan’ge for many years, and they hadn’t seen the real daylight for so long.

Since they were all individuals who were unruly and desired freedom, they swore to themselves that they were willing to die if they could breathe the fresh air and feel the warm sunlight.

They desired freedom and didn’t want to be tied down.

For all these years, they had been fighting for their freedom.

Under the careful organization of Sparrow and Barbossa, the ship slaves spent several years and learned how to control the Xuan’ge in secrecy.

They had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob the Xuan’ge and escape from the control of the Ormondians.

That was why they suddenly rebelled when Fei was fighting with the Ormondians, and they killed all the operators and took control of the control station. They thought their plan was executed perfectly, but Fei, Old Aryang, and Robbin charged in and took over the Xuan’ge.

In the beginning, the ship slaves were still resistant toward Fei.

However, Sparrow and Barbossa thought about a lot more.

Their original plan was to run away after getting the Xuan’ge. With the speed and power of the Xuan’ge, they could easily create a pirate mercenary group in the air and be free forever.

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