Chapter 706: Hatred (Part Two)

However, now thinking about their old plan, they felt like it wouldn’t be that easy. Without enough power, they couldn’t escape from the forces of the Ormond Empire who would hunt them down, and other forces might become greedy over the Xuan’ge as well. After all, a Moon-Class Elite was enough to put them in great danger.

However, if they could get the support and protection of this young king, it would be much easier to construct a mercenary group that could dominate the sky.

Working under Fei would be much safer and more effective compared to doing everything themselves.

Both Sparrow and Barbossa thought it through, and they looked at each other and understood each other’s mind.

Now, they were a little anxious, afraid that their reckless behavior prior might have angered the young king.

That is human psychology.

Sometimes, a simple thought would overturn people’s beliefs, making them cherish something that they frowned upon before.

Under the watch of Old Aryang and Robbin, more than 100 ship slaves walked out of the Xuan’ge.

As soon as they stepped out, they kneeled on the deck, laughing and crying as if they were crazy. They tried to suck in as much fresh air as possible, and they stared at the stars in the sky with tear all over their faces. They looked like a bunch of madmen.

Even though Sparrow and Barbossa had been trying to keep their emotions in check, tears appeared in their eyes. After all, they hadn’t been outside for more than ten years.

The regular ship slaves weren’t as calculative as Sparrow and Barbossa.

After seeing how powerful Fei was, their thoughts got overturned entirely.

They realized that if it weren’t for Fei, they might not be able to ever walk out of the bottom of the Xuan’ge, see the sky, and breathe in fresh air.

Perhaps, they would end up like most of the other ship slaves who died in the Xuan’ge and got thrown somewhere random.

They all felt the gratitude toward Fei.

Therefore, when Fei appeared on the deck again, they all kneeled and thanked him.

Fei didn’t want to waste more time here. He scared Sparrow and Barbossa again and told Robbin to be in charge of the Xuan’ge. Then, he went back to Chambord City with Old Aryang.

Now, the casualty report was already made.

When the Xuan’ge attacked Chambord City, its first strike killed 36 bylaw enforcement officers and seven low-level saint seiyas. Also, two [Dragon Slayer] crossbows were destroyed, six houses, statues, and palaces were shattered, and the magic electricity grid, water delivery system, and sewage system in the west region of the city were all damaged. The monetary loss would be around 60,000 gold coins.

Fei looked very serious.

If only counting the monetary loss, Chambord was in the green. One Xuan’ge of this scale was worth at least millions of gold coins, and the Ormond Empire didn’t even sell them.

However, the loss of 43 warriors of Chambord made it hard for anyone to laugh.

Since Fei’s arrival, Chambord went through many battles. However, the kingdom almost suffered zero death and won in all the conflicts. This was the first time that Chambord lost so many people.

The parents, wives, and children of the 43 warriors were crying beside their corpses, and everyone was heartbroken. At the same time, the hatred toward the Ormond Empire grew.

“Your Majesty! I want to avenge my dad!” A big boy who looked four years old ran to Fei and said as he kneeled.

In his big and naïve eyes, there was anger and hatred.

Fei hugged this boy and kissed his forehead.

Under everyone’s stare, the king announced, “All of the warriors who died for the kingdom will be titled as heroes, and their loved ones will be taken care of by the Royal Family. Their kids will receive the best education and follow in their footsteps, and their parents will be ensured great lives. As the King, I promise that their loved ones won’t be neglected or mistreated!”

The Chambord Kingdom’s laws and regulations were complete, and the system for honoring warriors who sacrificed their lives was already in place under Fei’s guidance.

Today, it was the first time that Chambord used that system and honored the heroes.

The family members of these dead warriors all kneeled and thanked the King, and the other warriors of Chambord looked at Fei with admiration in their eyes.

This system made all the warriors of Chambord proud, and they liked it. This way, they could fight for the kingdom without having to worry about their loved ones after they die.

Even though the king liked being admired, he couldn’t be happy at this moment.

After being in this world for more than a year, Fei gradually adapted to the law of the jungle, and his belief system was changed a little as well.

He didn’t mind killing enemies, but he couldn’t accept the death of his people.

The deaths of the 43 warriors of Chambord created deep hatred between the Chambord Kingdom and the Ormond Empire.

This hatred was probably reciprocal.

The Ormond Empire probably couldn’t accept the fact that one of their princes died in this remote place.

Chambord made a huge enemy, but it was unavoidable.

This was what war brought.

Seeing the blood-like morning Sun that was on the horizon, Fei felt like he could see what kind of a bloody battle that was happening at St. Petersburg.

The joint forces of the Ormond Empire and the Leon Empire had surrounded the Capital of Zenit, and corpses must have piled high both inside and outside the defense wall.

During wars, the lives of soldiers were worthless.

“How long can St. Petersburg last? Doesn’t matter how calculative Emperor Yassin is, this is a huge test for the Zenit Empire. If the empire is crushed, it would be hard for Chambord to defeat the two empires alone. It looks like I have to go to the Capital.”

Fei made up his mind and few toward Five Sword Sky Mountain.

This was his wedding night, and it was crucial.

After the wedding ceremony, he hadn’t gotten the chance to spend time with his two queens.

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