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Hail the King Chapter 707.1

Chapter 707: Red Head Scarf and Threesome (Part One)

When Fei returned to the Sky Castle, the servants in the [Godly King Palace] had already prepared breakfast. The aroma in the dining hall was great!

The king only got one taste of the breakfast, and he knew that Queen Angela had made it. Fei was too familiar with this taste; only Angela was smart and talented enough to make food that Fei enjoyed this dearly.

However, Angela and Elena weren’t in the dining hall now, which surprised Fei a little. He didn’t think too much about it, and he enjoyed his breakfast. After he was done, golden sunlight already shined into the palace.

When Fei got into the bedroom, he was blocked by two pretty maids at the door.

They were Spring and Summer out of the four maids.

They were dressed in traditional red dresses that had golden strips, and they had bright smiles on their faces. Standing at the door, they each held a tray covered with red silk. In each tray, there was a white jade ruyi that was gilded with gold, had red tassel attached to one end, and had the image of two mandarin ducks playing in water engraved on the other end.

(TL Notes: Ruyi is a curved decorative object that serves as a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune, and mandarin ducks are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity.)

“Jade ruyi? This…” Fei was a little surprised, and he suddenly understood something.

He suddenly remembered that when he was alone with Angela, he unintentionally told her how traditional Chinese wedding was done, and his tone back then was a little envious.

Angela was really sensitive, and she remembered everything that Fei said. Although most of the wedding was done according to Bast’s strict noble traditions, the processes inside the bedroom were completely separate. Therefore, Angela did what Fei desired.

This discovery touched Fei, and he felt a little guilty.

He was the groom, so he should take care of the brides. However, the wedding tonight was filled with blood, corpses, and death. Even though the three of them worked with each other and obtained a miraculous victory and was quite memorable, it was too intense and not romantic enough.

Also, it seemed like Angela was comforting Fei.

Now, the two maids opened the door and brought Fei in.

Beside the window, the two beautiful queens already changed into red traditional dresses and sat on the stone bed. They had red head scarfs on, and they were quietly sitting there with their heads lowered. Their white and soft hands were resting on their knees, and the white and red contrast presented a breathtaking kind of beauty.

Red head scarfs!

They were something that Fei looked forward to! Even though he adapted to this world, his fantasies from his previous world didn’t change.

The king could tell that Angela’s body shivered slightly when he walked in; she was nervous, shy, and excited. Beside her, Elena was sitting there quietly as if she were a snow lotus on the peak of an ice mountain, and she had a noble yet calm temperament.

Seeing the two queens sitting side by side on the bed, looking extremely alluring, Fei was stunned and thought, “What… Could it be… A threesome?”

The king got excited.

Although he married both beautiful queens at the same time, he didn’t plan for something like this. He thought they would alternate and spend time with him on different days, but it looked like… threesome… with these two beauties… it was too much to handle.

Fei was so excited that he was trembling. He picked up both jade ruyis from the trays and lightly lifted the red head scarfs on Elena and Angela’s heads.

Two stunning faces appeared in Fei’s eyes.

Due to shyness, Angela closed her eyes and lowered her head. The flush and the fluttering eyelashes told Fei how nervous this girl was.

Beside her, Valkyrie Elena looked up at Fei bravely. Although she was smiling, Fei could sense that she was trying to hide her nervousness. In fact, she was more nervous now compared to when she had to face Baal, the Final Boss in Diablo World.

After putting the red head scarfs and the jade ruyis back into the trays that were covered with red silks, Fei sat between the two beautiful queens with a bright smile on his face.

“Eh… So, the natural next step… is to conquer them. Who should I choose first?” Fei felt like he had a hard decision to make, and he waved his hands to tell the two maids to leave.

Then, he opened his arms and embraced both girls, and the smoothness and softness he sensed made him feel like he was in heaven.

As soon as Fei touched Angela and Elena, the two girls suddenly tensed up like frightened fawns. It was a scene that was hard to describe.

The door was closed, and the windows were shut.

The faint red lantern illuminated the bedroom, giving it a very intimate yet thrilling atmosphere.

Fei suddenly thought back to the experience shared by many veterans on blogs on Earth; at this moment, he should be making the moves instead of waiting for the girls.

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