Chapter 707: Red Head Scarf and Threesome (Part Two)

He calmed himself down and lowered his arms onto Angela and Elena’s back. With a hook of his index fingers and middle fingers, the two red traditional dresses that he designed were opened, and they slowly slid off Angela and Elena.

A subtle wave of body heat and fragrance suddenly appeared followed by two gasps.

Elena forced herself to stay still, but Angela was too embarrassed.

Angela’s face and neck instantly reddened, and she subconsciously covered her chest with her arms. Like a little kitten, she peeked at Fei and immediately jumped into the red velvet quilt, leaving only her head exposed with her eyes closed.

Fei laughed and didn’t tease Angela further. Instead, he held onto Elena and quickly undressed her with his fast hands, revealing her insanely beautiful body.

Elena’s skin was smooth and white like ivory, her legs had perfect shapes with smooth curves, her waist was slender, her chest was full, and her collarbones were delicate…

This wasn’t Fei’s first-time seeing Elena’s body; he had seen it about a year ago when he was forced to become one with Elena to save her life. However, due to his extreme anxiety and nervousness, he didn’t get to appreciate her body.

Therefore, as soon as he saw her body this time, he felt like he was struck by lightning. His lip, mouth, and throat were dry; it seemed like smoke would come out of his mouth if he opened it.

Biting her lower lip, Elena suddenly smiled at Fei, suppressed her shyness, and unbuttoned Fei’s robe and carefully took off Fei’s clothes like a loving wife.


It is proven that mating is something natural and engraved in people’s heads.

When Fei entered Elena, he sensed a pleasure that he never felt before. He felt like he would be flying even if he moved a little.

Under him, Elena’s eyes were shut, and she looked in pain; there were even tears sliding off her face.

While Fei was enjoying himself, he couldn’t help but wonder, “It is quite lubricated down there, but why is Elena in pain? Am I moving too aggressively? Or…”

As if she sensed her lover’s mind, Elena opened her eyes and wrapped Fei’s waist with his legs. She stretched her neck, lightly frowned, and slowly explained with her usual concise and simple tone while moaning, “It hurts, but it feels good…”

After sensing her passion, Fei became proactive again.

Inside the bedroom, the Valkyrie bit her lips and furrowed her brows. With her legs locked onto Fei’s waist, she expressed her pain and pleasure in a series of moans that were hard to hear from her. The scene was enchanting.

On top of love, Fei’s primitive thoughts also made him very energetic. After all, the Valkyrie who was powerful and pressing in battle was now becoming one with him and enjoying herself as well.

After a long while, the Valkyrie was already half-fainted. Her beautiful body was completely drenched, and she had already screamed loudly four times. Right now, her legs had no strength in them, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

However, Fei was still as hard as a rock.

“Huh? This is strange. Could it be that under barbarian mode, my vitality is beyond my imaginations in terms of this activity as well?”

Fei was a little perplexed and overjoyed.

Then, he turned his head and saw Angela peeking at him. After she saw his stare, she quickly turned around and pretended to be asleep.

Fei snickered and thought, “It was quite noisy; how can a girl like Angela fall asleep?”

With a bright smile on his face, Fei slowly put down Elena who already passed out, and he covered her with the quilt and made sure she wasn’t cold. Then, he jumped into the quilt as well and slid to the naïve girl who was peeking at him.

Fei’s hands first touched Angela’s smooth back, and he advanced further and seized her chest. Angela’s chest was even bustier than Elena’s, and Fei was sensing an indescribable feeling.

Angela had a beautiful and cute face, but her body was beyond insane. Fei almost couldn’t hold back.

When Fei’s hands touched Angela, he could tell that she stiffed up like a bow that was pulled. However, she held back and didn’t resist at all, making Fei feel like a little white bunny was determined to feed itself to a big bad wolf.

Fei smiled and tightly held onto Angela; he didn’t rush anything.

After coming to this world, his vitality and energy were both on another level; even Elena who was a mighty warrior couldn’t take it.

Fei didn’t want to give Angela a bad memory of her first night, so he suppressed his desires and lightly kissed Angela’s ear, wanting to have perfect foreplay.

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