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Hail the King Chapter 708.1

Chapter 708: Rooting (Part One)

In fact, it turned out that Fei underestimated Angela.

This girl who didn’t know any combat techniques and was much weaker than Elena was unique in this field. Even though she was weak, her ability to hold up was even more impressive than Elena.

Angela’s body seemed to be very sensitive. After Fei teased her a little, her smooth and white skin turned a little pink; this was a rare reaction, and it went to show how much this girl loved Fei.


The girl suddenly moaned a little and turned around, hugging onto Fei tightly.

Her head was resting on Fei’s chest, and her eyes were still closed. Due to extreme nervousness, her soft body was shivering lightly.

However, from how tight this girl was hugging him, the king could tell how determined Angela was about this. As he teased her, she could sometimes try to coordinate with him clumsily as she breathed heavily.

Different from Elena whose body was more flexible due to her training and battle, Angela was so soft that Fei felt like she didn’t have bones. It was an indescribable feeling as if he were hugging a cloud.

Their bodies were rubbing against each other, and Angela’s light moans were enough to melt Fei’s mind.

When Fei first entered, Angela let out a high-pitched, alluring scream.

Her thin and slender fingers wrapped around Fei’s arms, and their skin got maximum contact. Her chest pressed onto Fei’s tightly, making the king have a feeling that he had never sensed before.

At the same time, her body wriggled as if she wanted to get into Fei’s body. Her rapid reaction even surprised Fei; he didn’t expect the shy and gentle Angela to be crazier than Elena.

Right now, it seemed like this girl turned into a wild cat. As if a fire were ignited inside of her, she turned into a different person. She was very proactive and bold, different from her usual calm and gentle demeanor.

She didn’t try to hold back her emotions, and her loud moans resonated in the bedroom, even creating some echoes.

Unlike Elena who tried to suppress the pleasure and only moaned through her nose, Angela completely let go of her shyness and screamed. Just like how she usually expressed her love for Fei, she didn’t hide anything and completely showcased her beauty to Fei without holding back.

The loud and high-pitched screams were like the best aphrodisiac for Fei, making him go crazy.

Right now, Angela seemed more like a Valkyrie who wasn’t willing to back down, and Elena was more like Angela who was usually gentle and shy. This finding surprised Fei, and it intoxicated his soul.

Now, Fei finally understood why some of the ancient emperors in history wouldn’t go to the morning meetings with ministers and instead slept in with their queens and concubines. Even the most hardcore warrior probably couldn’t let go of something this enjoyable and addicting.

After a long while, Fei finally roared and vented his energy.

Like an octopus, Angela’s arms and legs were wrapped around Fei, and she also let out a scream before her body shivered uncontrollably. In the end, she couldn’t last any longer, and she fell into a deep sleep with a satisfied expression on her pretty face.

In comparison, Angela was more energetic and more persistent than Elena.

The girl let Fei did what he wanted, and she sometimes fought back as well. When she was on top of Fei, she looked like a primitive female cavalier and let out loud and wild moans. Her fluttering black hair and her white, smooth body created a sharp color contrast, and her crazy performance almost made Fei want to explode.

The craziness that was happening in the room finally ended.

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  1. It would be intresting if both of them would get pregnant. And now the church can shut it, Angela is not pure anymore lol

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    Wow this is one steamy chapter!!!!
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  4. Draghnof

    I wonder if the author already had sex because it’s not really good 🙁 and I don’t speak about the way it’s write (it’s not exceptional but it’s good enough for a not-H story novel) it seems so unrealistic (or Angela simulates very very well)

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    its probably all that pureness in her..it probably had tons more energy than the normal soul

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