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Hail the King Chapter 708.2

Chapter 708: Rooting (Part Two)

Right now, Elena was still in her deep sleep, and Fei thought that she probably didn’t witness the craziness that just took place.

Fei sat up on the bed and felt unprecedentedly relaxed. All the physical and mental fatigue that he experienced from calculating each step of the way and battling the masters of the Holy Church was wiped out, and he felt like he was reborn.

Seeing his two beautiful queens sleeping by his side, Fei felt blessed and was a little touched.

He knew that from this moment on, he finally rooted in this cruel and chaotic world; he was no longer a visitor. These two beautiful girls were going to share their lives with him, and they were going to take on all issues together. Their lives and souls were deeply intertwined, and there wasn’t any space between them.

Fei put the quilt over his wives and got off the bed before putting on a robe. He didn’t even know that he had a bright smile on his face.

He opened the window and looked out, discovering that almost a full day had passed. The sky dusked, and the light of the setting sun enveloped the Sky Castle and the green mountains in the area.

The outside was as beautiful as a painting.

“Right now, Chambord City is probably very busy,” Fei thought.

The battle last night and the foreshadowing of the upcoming wars were enough to make the Chambord Kingdom go into overdrive.

The prince of the Ormond Empire died here, and that general named Peith had already escaped for about a day now. Even though everything seemed calm, the atmosphere was intense. Everyone knew that the angry Ormondians were going to come here for revenge at any moment now.

Before the enemies get here, Chambord had to be ready for war.

In theory, Fei had to rush to Chambord City and calm the nerves of his citizens as the king. However, after looking at the two queens who were still asleep, Fei didn’t hesitate to stay here.

When it was already deep into the night, Angela and Elena finally woke up from their sweet dreams. When they looked at each other, Elena still looked calm and haughty, but Angela thought back to her craziness before and instantly blushed. If her relationship with Elena wasn’t that deep, she probably wouldn’t even dare to peek at the Valkyrie.

“Hahaha, you two finally woke up! I already prepared hot water for you, and you two can take a great hot bath! Then, come and eat dinner! See how you like your hubby’s cooking, hahaha!”

Fei stood at the door and said with a gentle and affectionate smile.

Seeing Fei’s gentle smile and smelling the aroma of delicious food, the two beautiful girls almost cried.

This kind of feeling was great.

When Fei returned to Chambord City, it was already midnight.

However, the city was lit up by lights.

Almost all the citizens of Chambord were busy with preparation work. All the officials in each of the departments and the students of the Civil and Military University were all working; they didn’t rest, and their eyes were all red from a lack of sleep.

All of Fei’s pre-arranged plans and strategies became very helpful. Under the organization of the departments, the citizens were temporarily moving out of their homes, and they didn’t look anxious.

At the same time, all kinds of mysterious weapons were moved into the many fortresses in the city. Right now, Chambord pulled off its fancy appearance and turned vicious like a weaponized iron hedgehog.

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  1. Yeah, now that people decided to wage war with them, all pretenses are gone.

  2. Ghost

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  3. Kishenkp

    Semma hot machi!

  4. Draghnof

    “All the physical and mental fatigue that he experienced from calculating each step of the way and battling the masters of the Holy Church was wiped out”

    Are you serious!!! All he did was bullshitting all along !!!!!

    • ??
      He arranged the place where to fight.
      He maybe the one that told the warriors of chambords to go in that order.
      He thought about the blue semi-circle shield to protect the citizens from harm.

      Every step the chambordians took, did you really think they didn’t consult there king?

      He battled two SUN-CLASS LORD ..

      I mean if I hadn’t binge read that maybe I would be complaining too but not now..?

  5. Draghnof

    Almost one entire day (just the night would have been much better and less WTF) ….. The wedding arc and this arc are definitively bullshit being add on another pile of bullshit 🙁

    • ?? He went home at the morning.

    • me, myself and i

      Yeah i also didn’t quite get it. So he went home at morning, play around and sleep till night, awake at midnight. Didn’t he say to assemble in Cities of Heroes in the morning? So he’s late a day? Is that how it is?

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