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Hail the King Chapter 71

Chapter 71: For What Reason?


The 【Hulk Potion】 was only about 50mm and was stored in a test-tube like glass bottle. Fei had given the last mercenary about ⅓ of the potion in his experiment, leaving only ⅔ of this extremely precious potion. Fei had a perfect place to keep them in: the storage units in his Barbarian Belt.

He squatted down and pressed his right hand onto the now buff and tall mercenary’s chest and used 【Find Potion】. Unfortunately, he got nothing except a puddle of thick blood. There was nothing he could do. Since 【Find Potion】 was currently only a level 1 ability, the probability of actually finding potions was very low.

All four corpses in the concealed room had been used and the only bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 was an unexpected surprise, but Fei hadn’t obtained the information he needed the most.

How did this powerful magic potion appear when it didn’t even exist in the Diablo World? If he had to come up with a reasonable explanation, he thought that it could possibly be an inconceivable mutation of the Barbarian’s 【Find Potion】 ability when he brought it into the real world. Then, the 【Hulk Potion】 would very likely be the result of the mutated ability. A mutation of this sort was out of Fei’s control. He hadn’t tested out the chances of obtaining a 【Hulk Potion】, nor did he know if there were any other side effects on the potion. Lastly, he wasn’t sure if anyone could just take this potion and gain the monstrous strength that the tall mercenary obtained.

Before he could use this potion to increase the strength of his subordinates, Fei had to figure out all the answers to these questions. Even if it was on Earth, huge international pharmaceutical companies would still have to conduct hundreds of clinical trials before putting anything on the market.

After he thought through all the key points, Fei sighed lightly.

He concentrated his attention onto the black cloaked four star mage lying on the ground like a dead dog. The mage’s “limbs” twitched as blood foamed out of his mouth. It was funny how this mage was probably the most unfortunate mage in the history of Azeroth Continent. In terms of power and strength, the mage could easily conquer a remote kingdom like Chambord on his own; however, he had met Fei. He was beaten like a sandbag by the savage despite being surrounded by thousands of allies. Right now, this poor mage was half dead. Under the instructions of Fei, every time the mage showed signs of waking up, the jailors would hit him hard and make sure that he fainted again. Except for a couple of rib bones that were still intact, all the bones in his limbs were broken. If he wasn’t a four star mage and had a strong vitality, he would’ve been dead by now.

Fei walked up to the mage with a dirty smile on his face.

He grabbed a bottle of 【Healing Potion】 from his belt and opened the lid. He dripped a couple drops onto the mage’s broken limbs. Instantly, a magical force surrounded the limbs and they started recovering……

After four or five seconds.

Although the mage’s limbs still looked wretched and there were still bone fragments and rotting flesh showing, his limbs at least resembled them now. Fei didn’t want the mage to fully recover. If a four star mage went crazy, the power of a level 16 Barbarian wouldn’t be enough to handle it.

During the process, Fei discovered something interesting –

The 【Healing Potion】 had different effects on different people. The effects were stronger on weaker people, while the effect diminished on more powerful people. Given the same amount of potion, it was enough to almost revive Pierce who was on the verge of dying, but for the four star mage, it was only enough to heal some exterior injuries.

“Splash – !”

A bucket of cold water mixed with salt was poured onto the four star mage.

“Ah…….” The mage finally woke up with a long, hoarse groan. He opened his snake-like eyes and glanced around. His eyes landed on the face that he would never forget in his lifetime. Instantly, he started trembling as if he were a girl who had seen the devil take her virginity. He couldn’t help but scream, “It’s…. you?”

“Ha, you have a good memory. It’s me, hehehe!” Fei laughed arrogantly. He couldn’t help but feel proud. Seizing and capturing a four star mage despite having less strength than a three star warrior… this record could go into the Records of Great Achievements by all the Kings of Chambord.

“You’re done! AHAHAHAHA, you’re dead……Ignorant dumbass, stupid pig, funny dog. You’re still laughing? Do you know what you’ve done?” The skeleton-like mage started screaming in shock after he saw the silver masked knight’s corpse. His body started shaking as if he was getting an electric shock. “The entire Chambord Kingdom will become hell! You killed Prince Mateja-Kezman of the Eindhoven Empire. The entire Zenit Empire will be crushed into pieces!”

“Damn! You want more torture, b*tch? So arrogant, despite being a prisoner.”

After seeing this mage yelling arrogantly rather than begging for mercy, Fei became mad. He rushed to the mage and stomped on both of the mage’s thighs. “Crack! Crack!” the sound of bones breaking could be heard. The leg bones which recovered under the effect of the 【Healing Potion】 were turned into a pile of bone fragments, and the thighs turned into meat paste again. The poor mage puked up more blood foam and fainted again.

Fei dripped a couple drops of 【Healing Potion】 onto the leg again.

After a few seconds, the mage woke up again slowly. After he saw Fei, he started screaming again, “You……You damn pig! Dumbass, you, you, you……”

“Crack! Crack!”

The recovered legs were stomped on yet again.

Fei squatted down again and patiently dripped some 【Healing Potion】 onto his legs.

This time, the mage seemed to understand the situation he was in. He was much quieter this time. He sweated and spoke breathing heavily, “You stupid guy. If you want to live, then start running away right now……you……you’ve made a huge mistake.”

“If I were you, I would worry about your own life first. Honorable Mr. Mage, tell me your name and origin……And, is this b-----d’s name Mateja-Kezman?” Fei pointed at the silver masked knight’s body and asked coldly. “You better tell me everything you know. Otherwise…… Hum!” A murderous expression appeared on Fei’s face.

“My life?” The mage bit his teeth angrily as he spoke, “I’m injured to this point. Do you think I have a chance to live on? Hehe, but you, young king……Tremble! You will spend your entire future in fear. You’ll be hunted, and you’ll witness the deaths of your loved ones and see their skulls get turned into wine cups. Their souls will be cursed and their limbs will be cut……”

“Pia! Pia! Pia!“

Fei held up the mage by his collar of the black cloak and slapped him multiple times; a couple bloody teeth flew in the air and landed onto the ground. “You reckless f*g, how dare you curse at me? My patience is wearing thin. If you speak rubbish one more time, I will turn your skull into a wine cup!”

“Pooh! You killed Prince Mateja-Kezman of the level 4 Eindhoven Empire. Hahaha, once the Eindhoven Empire knows about this, not just your little Chambord Kingdom, but also your parent Empire Zenit will be crashed into pieces……” The mage spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground. Under the threat that Fei imposed, he answered Fei’s questions honestly. A malicious looked flashed on his face. As he said the words “Eindhoven Empire”, a gloating smile came on his face. He was waiting for the little king to mentally collapse, because a level 4 Empire wasn’t something that a little remote kingdom could defend against.

But, he was disappointed.

“This dude is a prince of a level 4 Empire?” After a brief moment of surprise, he laughed as he pointed at the corpse of the silver masked knight. “So I’ve killed a prince of a level 4 Empire? Hahaha, after hearing you say that, I feel very refreshed. The feeling of killing a prince is really different…… Hey, does that damn Eindhoven Empire have more princes?”

“You……” The mage was shocked. His lips swelled after Fei’s powerful slaps as if two sausages were hanging off of his mouth. He couldn’t speak clearly due to his lost teeth. Plus, he didn’t know what to say. Didn’t the dumb pig in front of him know the consequences of angering a level 4 Empire?

After seeing the mage being beaten, Fei spoke slowly, “Hehe, after you fainted, your soldiers were cleanly wiped out by the Zenit soldiers. Not a single one escaped. Hehehe, I guess your troops snuck to Chambord. Now that everyone else is dead, you’re the only person who’s alive, and you’re locked up in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon which even moon ranked masters can’t even escape from. How will the Eindhoven Empire know that their prince died here?”

“You……” The mage’s eyes instantly opened wide. As if he was struck by a lightning, he blurted, “How did you know?”

“Wasn’t it easy to find out? From the beginning, I was wondering why my enemies didn’t display any banners and flags. If you guys were bandits, your troops wouldn’t have been so organized and well trained. The black armoured enemies had a ton of star ranked warriors and a lot of sieging machines. Anyone could tell that you were part of an elite formal army…… Therefore, there was only one explanation – you guys took off your banners and flags on purpose to hide your origins. You guys didn’t want others to know who you were. That raises another question… why? It’s because you guys were engaging in a secret military operation and it was very likely that this operation was so secretive that it couldn’t even be known to strangers or your own people……Hehehe!”

Fei was actually spouting complete bullsh*t; he was becoming more fluent and his story was making more sense as he continued the BS.

But after seeing the mage’s facial expression turn sour, Fei was secretly stoked. He knew that his BS was getting onto something. Maybe something he said was the truth. He smiled nastily as he got closer to the mage. His expression suddenly turned cold and he threatened, “Old thing, hehehe, give up. If you don’t want to be tortured, then tell me why you guys snuck into Chambord Kingdom? For what reason?”

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