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Hail the King Chapter 710.1

Chapter 710: The Chaotic Situation (Part One)

With Fei’s current traveling speed, the long distance between Chambord City and St. Petersburg, which was more than 1,000 kilometers, could be covered in a little over ten minutes.

However, instead of dashing forward with the fastest speed, Fei carefully inspected the regions along the way.

His spirit energy spread out like waves in an ocean, and the king was like a humanoid radar, scanning the areas along the way and picking up on all the minor changes from Chambord City to St. Petersburg.

In the beginning, everything seemed in accordance with the king’s guesses. The closer he got to St. Petersburg, the strength of the united troops of the enemies grew stronger. There were already many barriers set up inside the territory of Zenit, blocking the troops of Zenit from moving around freely.

Within 100 kilometers of St. Petersburg, most of the areas were under the control of the united troops of the Ormond Empire, the Leon Empire, and a few other empires. Regular troops and cavalier formations were placed in the area accordingly, making sure that they could reinforce each other quickly when needed.

Fires were burning everywhere, and streaks of black smoke almost enveloped the sky. Corpses were piled up like mountains, making the area look like hell.

All the troops in the huge military towns of Zenit, as well as the troops from various affiliated kingdoms, were discovered before they could get within 100 kilometers of St. Petersburg. As a result, they were surrounded and exterminated before they could reinforce the troops of Zenit who were guarding the Capital.

It seemed like this was a part of the united troops’ strategy; they were trying to separate the troops of Zenit and destroy them one by one instead of letting them gather together.

What made Fei a little relieved was that he didn’t see any troops of Ormond moving toward the Chambord Kingdom. It seemed like the retaliation of the Ormondians was delayed for some reason.

On the way, the king didn’t show mercy and took out all the powerful enemies who were above the level of Four-Star.

During a war, showing mercy to enemies was equivalent to applying cruelty to friends.

Fei was in the sky, and the people on the ground couldn’t see him. As his spirit energy rushed out, he didn’t even need to move a finger to kill the powerful enemies. His strands of spirit energy formed needles and instantly dashed into the enemies’ heads, killing them immediately.

Fei put ends to about 40 enemy masters, and the enemies couldn’t figure out why their masters died. They fell into a little chaos.

Due to these incidents, Fei’s traveling speed slowed down.

About an hour later, he finally got within 30 kilometers of St. Petersburg.

Now, the number of soldiers in the united troops was high, and they were packed like ants.

Fei could feel the terrifying magic energy and warrior energy fluctuations from the direction of the Capital, and it was clear that mighty warriors and mages were fighting. The soundwaves of their battles traveled so far.

Vaguely, Fei felt like he heard the roars of tens of thousands of people, and the blood mist evaporated into the air, dyeing the sky around St. Petersburg the color red.

These bloody streaks of blood vapor looked like pillars that connected the sky and the land, and even the Sun was blocked a little. The bloodiness made it seemed like it was the end of the world.

This was the phenomenon that would only occur during huge wars where cold weapons were used.

It had been a day since the [Letter Office] reported the changes in St. Petersburg to Fei. Right now, Fei couldn’t imagine how bloody and terrifying the battlefields around the Capital were.

As Fei was about to increase his speed and dash over, he suddenly sensed something and lowered his head.

“Huh? Second Prince and… They haven’t charged into the Capital yet? It looks like they encountered some difficulties.”

Loud roaring and battling noises sounded from a hill on the ground.

The envoy group of the Zenit Empire that went to Chambord hadn’t charged through the defense-line of the united troops of the enemies. Right now, they were surrounded from all sides as they were forced onto a hill, and they could barely put up a defense with the terrain and corpses around them.

There were about 300 people in the group, and only about 100 of them were still alive. However, at least 10,000 enemies were charging at them and trying to kill them.

Looking from above, it seemed like endless waves were slapping onto a reef, and this reef could be swallowed at any moment now.

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