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Hail the King Chapter 710.2

Chapter 710: The Chaotic Situation (Part Two)

“Kill!” [Red Beard] Granello roared and swung his sword, sending out golden sword energies.

His sword techniques were delicate, and he quickly killed three masters of Leon who passed through the defense-line.

At the same time, since he used a bit too much force, a wound that was more than 20 centimeters long on his waist burst open after finally healing. Blood gushed out, instantly dyeing his cape.

The intense pain made him single-kneel onto the ground, but he used his sword to prop up his body and didn’t fall.

Like a fish that was out of the water, he opened his mouth and breathed heavily, sucking in the air that was permeated with the taste and smell of blood.

Right now, Granello no longer looked like the man who was in control of Imperial Patrol at St. Petersburg. Rather than looking majestic and powerful, he was in a messy situation.

There were more than 20 big wounds on his body. Although he dodged and didn’t get his vital body parts injured, the wounds were still deep, and white bones were showing. Right now, they were only half-healed. His magic armor made from the best type of iron was damaged. There were a few holes on it, and it was loosely hanging onto his body.

Blood stained Granello’s body, and he felt exhausted. His lips were black, and a significant portion of the red beard which he valued was chopped off. In fact, that strike didn’t just chop off some of his red heard; it also left a deep wound on his neck. If he hadn’t dodged in time, that strike was enough to decapitate him.

Applying force onto the sword, Granello tried his best to stand up.

His vision was darkening, and his body swayed back and forth. He barely stood up, and he realized that more than two-thirds of the elite soldiers around Second Prince Dominguez were killed, and the ones who were alive were all injured with their weapons half damaged.

[Demonic Woman] Paris who was in her white dress and looked like a gorgeous goddess was also in a mess. Her body was covered by blood, and her white dress turned into a red dress. Her beautiful arms and legs had wounds on them, showing that she was trying her best to hold up as well.

However, in this significant numbers disadvantage, this woman who was intelligent couldn’t do anything.

Even though Second Prince Dominguez was in the center and was being protected, he wasn’t in a better situation as well.

His little disable dog named Oka was by his feet, and there were three bloody holes in his body; they were created by terrifying penetration arrows. The bodies of the arrows were cut off by the prince, but the heads of the arrows were still inside his body; he couldn’t take them out at this moment.

As a result of this, he felt intense pain when he moved as if someone were carving his body with a knife, and ordinary people couldn’t endure it.

Despite all this, Dominguez still somehow managed to keep up his noble temperament. With a smile on his face, he commanded the soldiers and tried to defend against the enemies. It seemed like the three arrows were in someone else’ body and not his; the pain couldn’t be seen on his handsome face.

Since Dominguez was this calm, the rest of the soldiers he had were empowered and motivated.

The fatigued soldiers looked at Second Prince of Zenit with admiration, and they stopped the attacks of the enemies with everything they had. Even though some of their weapons broke, they slowed down the enemies with their bodies. As long as they were alive, they were going to protect Dominguez.

Granello already rushed to the front and tried to block the attacks of the enemies with the terrain and the huge rocks they moved up the hill earlier.

“Your Highness, our brothers couldn’t hold it! How about we back off for now? We couldn’t charge into the Capital with the current strength!” he shouted as he chopped the heads off six soldiers of Ormond.

The 300 soldiers were all elites whom he picked from Imperial Patrol, and they were loyal, powerful, and had warrior energies. However, under the mass disadvantage, they couldn’t utilize their individual combat experiences that much, and about 200 of them had died.

Granello was heartbroken every time he thought about that.

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