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Hail the King Chapter 711.2

Chapter 711: Save (Part Two)

Even Second Prince Dominguez and [Red Beard] Granello rubbed their eyes as they thought that they were hallucinating, and they were greatly relieved as if mountains were lifted off of them. Even their mood brightened.

They all knew the power of the King of Chambord. With such a Sun-Class Lord here, even if the soldiers of the united troops grew by ten times, they would be safe and secure.

“Why are you here? Your Chambord…”

For some reason, Paris felt like she was daydreaming for the first time. Sensing the familiar aura beside her, her heart raced, and she appeared very feminine.

However, before she could finish speaking, she was terrified; she saw three dashes of green lights flying from the enemies and toward Fei’s back.

These three arrows were much faster, and they didn’t make any noises; they were real assassination arrows!

“Be careful!” Paris’ face changed color.

When she saw Fei appearing as if he didn’t notice these arrows, she was horrified.

Paris instantly ran forward and jumped up, trying to block these three arrows with her body.

However, before these three arrows could get within 10 meters of Fei, they froze in mid-air as if they dashed into the mud. Even though the vicious back hooks on them shined under the Sun, they couldn’t advance any further.

In front of a barricade and the command center, a mid-aged archer who had a wicked smile on his face saw this scene. He was stunned, and fear overtook his mind. “Master! A powerful master…”

Before he could react, something terrifying happened.

The three penetration arrows that were frozen in mid-air suddenly shot back even faster compared with before, and they dashed through this archer’s body as three greenish-golden lights. Then, these arrows shot onto the barricade and the command center, instantly exploding them as if dynamite were activated. A mushroom cloud appeared, and the cloud of dust was sent more than 10 meters into the air. The enemy soldiers who were within 100 meters of this explosion didn’t survive.

This terrifying scene stunned the tens of thousands of soldiers of Ormond, and they forgot to attack momentarily.

On the other hand, Fei looked at Paris with a strange expression. He wondered, “Since when did this gorgeous woman become this selfless? She even tried to block the arrows for me. With her brain, she should know that these three arrows couldn’t pose threats to me. She made such a decision… Did she mean it? Or is she acting?”

Fei felt a little headache when he had to face this woman who was too intelligent.

“Dominguez Your Highness, the Capital is surrounded. I observed everything from the sky, and the united troops of the enemies already gained control of the area within 100 kilometers of St. Petersburg. Right now, they are trying to wipe out all the troops of the affiliated kingdoms that are on their way to assist Zenit. Rather than going into the Capital, it is better if you can gather these troops on the outside. After your force grows strong enough, you can attack the enemies from behind. That is way more useful,” Fei said. He had this idea when he was traveling here. As someone with royal bloodline, Dominguez was the perfect fit for this plan.

As soon as Fei said that, Dominguez, Paris, and Granello were surprised; they had the same idea!

Dominguez had wanted Fei to bring him into St. Petersburg; he was worried about Emperor Yassin. However, after discussion, he agreed to everyone’s recommendation and decided to gather friendly troops on the outside; he would try not to allow the military strength of Zenit to be weakened that greatly.

However, [Demonic Woman] Paris would follow Fei into St. Petersburg.

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