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Hail the King Chapter 712.1

Chapter 712: Cruel Battle (Part One)

[Demonic Woman] Paris was an essential member of Second Prince Dominguez’s team, and she had the ability to make the best possible decisions in crises, as well as the prestige and authority to gather up all the forces that Dominguez had within St. Petersburg.

By consolidating the forces that were previously chaotic, it might help the Empire to pass this dangerous time.

On top of that, the forces that Second Prince Dominguez had control over in St. Petersburg needed an intelligent commander to survive through this time as well.

“Ok, it is decided then. There isn’t much time, so let’s make this quick. Chambord can also send over a master to help Your Highness in this mission!” Fei said as he agreed with the plan.

The king also wanted Second Prince Dominguez to quickly organize and obtain a significant number of troops outside St. Petersburg. Even if they couldn’t turn the situation around, they could at least act as a buffer zone between St. Petersburg and Chambord, helping Chambord not to get involved in the war before all the preparation was done.

Therefore, Chambord should support Dominguez both from the perspective of selfishness and correct decision making.

With a powerful master like Fei on the hill, the soldiers of the united troops couldn’t get within 100 meters of them since the king’s golden energy sphere enveloped the area.

During this time, Fei quickly helped Dominguez, Granello, and other soldiers to heal up, and he then led the charge and helped them to get out of this situation.

With a wave of his fist, a path of blood was created. All the soldiers of Leon who were charging at them were instantly turned into ashes.

“Power! Power! Power!” The soldiers that Second Prince Dominguez still had with him all roared after seeing this.

Fei’s invincible presence terrified the troops of the Leon Empire, and they quickly backed off like falling tides. Then, more than a dozen masters who were enveloped in warrior energy and magic energy flames dashed out of their formations. They wanted to stop Fei, but they were exploded in mid-air after Fei raised his finger. All of them died without having the chance to back off.

Shocked, the bugles sounded, and the troops of Leon quickly backed off and created distance between them and Fei.

As Fei protected Dominguez’s group and walked them to safety, the enemies didn’t dare to chase and only ‘escorted’ them out of the area that they had complete control over.

After Dominguez and his men were safe and secure, Fei turned around and dashed toward St. Petersburg with Paris.

“Only vicissitude and chaos will test the character of heroes. People say that the King of Chambord is way too powerful, has too much autonomy, and will be the tumor of the Empire, but he is the first person to stand out… Perhaps the Empire is fortunate to have such a powerful king!” Dominguez thought to himself as he watched Fei and Paris turn into a dash of golden light and disappear into the distance.

[Red Beard] Granello had been silent, and he was thinking of something else. After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Your Highness, why did you send Ms. Paris to the Capital? Paris just…”

Paris lost her composure when Fei appeared, and everyone saw it. People like Dominguez and Granello were all wise people, and they knew what it meant.

“Paris has been with me for many years, but she is a woman after all.” Dominguez understood what Granello meant, and he smiled and explained, “Many people think that Paris is my woman, but that isn’t true. She finally fell for a man, so why would I try to keep her around me? King Alexander of Chambord is a man who is worthy of her love.”

Granello was a little stunned after hearing this.

“You are the same. You have been with me for many years, and you have blocked at least 20 assassination attempts for me. There are more than a dozen deep scars on your body from fatal injuries. After the Empire gets through this chaos, you should take a good break. At least you should marry a nice woman and have kids, passing on your bloodline,” Dominguez said with a smile.

Although Granello had been with him for a long time and was of high status, he never got married since the fights between different forces at the Capital were fierce and dangerous.

Staring at the bright Sun in the sky, they both fell into silence.

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