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Hail the King Chapter 712.2

Chapter 712: Cruel Battle (Part Two)

Fei and Paris stood on [The Throne of Chaos] and were in stealth. They dodged the search of the masters on the side of the united troops, and they quickly got close to St. Petersburg.

Seeing St. Petersburg surrounded by countless enemies like the ocean around an island, even Paris who had read many books and was very intelligent got stunned.

This was a horrifying war.

An orange magic energy sphere that was too huge to imagine enveloped St. Petersburg, and it protected the entire city. Dashes of magic energies were shot at this energy sphere with long tails, looking like raindrops of a massive storm that were landing on the beach. Yellow ripples appeared, and the energy sphere shook violently, looking like it was about to break at any moment.

During individual combat on and above the realm of Moon-Class, mages didn’t have real advantages. However, during wars, the power of magic energy far exceeded warrior energy.

Even if there were only low-level mages, once they reached a certain number, the amount of damage they could deal on the battlefield couldn’t be matched by the same number of warriors.

If it weren’t for the orange magic energy sphere, St Petersburg would have been wiped out by the magic attacks.

However, this magic energy sphere could only defend against magic energies but not physical attacks.

Right now, the moat around St. Petersburg was already filled with corpses and blood, essentially got turned into flat land. Many soldiers who were in yellow, black, and other various colored armors stepped over their peers’ corpses, pushed forward sieging equipment, and passed through the magic energy sphere.

They were launching attacks at the defense wall of this great city.

On top of ordinary soldiers, Star-level Warriors dashed forward and leaped into the air. They got to the defense wall of St. Petersburg within a few seconds, and they climbed up the defense wall that was hundreds of meters tall without using any tools. Like agile monkeys, they dodged the arrows and the stones that were thrown down the wall, and they got to the top of the defense wall before killing the soldiers of Zenit mercilessly.

The masters of Zenit also fought back, and deadly battles took place on and outside the defense wall.

Burning smoke and cold corpses were everywhere.

If the defense wall of St. Petersburg weren’t as tall as it was, the corpses that were piled underneath it would be enough for the invaders to step on and walk up to the top of the defense wall.

There were quite a few Moon-Class Elites who were participating in the battle, and they easily created a lot of disruption. Even though they couldn’t change the outcome of the battle that quickly, they were like sharp blades that brought huge losses to either side.

In terms of the number of Moon-Class Elites, Zenit was at a clear disadvantage.

In most times, Zenit could only use the terrain of the enormous defense wall, the gigantic magic arrows, and powerful magic cannons to attack the Moon-Class Elites on the enemy’s side. Even though it wasn’t very useful, it made sure that the city wouldn’t be conquered by the enemy masters quickly.

This war looked like it was taking place in hell.

The sky was covered by thick smoke, and the nose-piercing smell of blood permeated the air. Blood formed rivers, and corpses piled into mountains. The soldiers on both sides were like ants, and hundreds of them died at every second while colorful warrior energy and magic energy flames burned. All of this looked like a nightmare.

This was the first time that Fei saw such large-scale warfare with his own eyes.

Human lives were as cheap as grass, and even the Star-level Warriors who had high status in the eyes of ordinary people were only stronger ants. They couldn’t control their own fates, and they would die easily like the candlelight in crazy wind.

Death enveloped the area, and the war continued.

It was fortunate that St. Petersburg was still under the control of Zenitians after one and half days of the war; it didn’t get conquered as Fei expected.

During this war, the preparation that the Royal Family of Zenit had been doing for the last 20 years became crucial.

After being sieged by the united troops for more than 30 hours continuously, St. Petersburg held up.

This was probably something the Ormondians and Leonians didn’t expect. As a result, they paid a hefty price.

Looking down from the sky, Fei and Paris did a rough estimation and knew that the united troops lead by the Ormond Empire and the Leon Empire lost more than 100,000 soldiers in the last 30 hours or so.

“What should we do? Should we sneak into the city or kill some enemies?” Fei laughed as he clenched his fist.

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