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Hail the King Chapter 713.1

Chapter 713: Paris’ Plan (Part One)

“No need to hurry; let me observe this a little,” [Demonic Woman] Paris said.

Her white dress was stained by blood and was more eye-catching than a rose, and she had a unique charm. Her smile was alluring, and her beauty was undeniable.

As she stood on [The Throne of Chaos] which was in complete stealth in the sky, she carefully observed the situation on the ground.

When Paris was thinking seriously, she became very serious, and a rare holy aura appeared on her. The terrifying energy flames that were exploding on the battleground were bright, illuminating her perfect face. When Fei looked at her side face, he felt a little suffocating as if he were looking at the statue of a goddess.

After a few minutes, a proud smile appeared on Paris’ gorgeous face; it meant that she already had a plan in mind after this short while.

“The empire is being suppressed, and the morale is really low. If the ordinary soldiers can’t see the hope of victory, we will lose this war for sure,” Paris said in a confident tone, “In terms of the number of soldiers and strength of masters, the Empire is inferior compared to the united troops, and Zenit has been pressured to a great degree. This war is taking place right in front of our capital, and the anger and the hope that our soldiers have are depleting. Therefore, this is a dangerous moment. The Empire needs a small but complete victory to stimulate the morale of the soldiers and pull back the scale of victory that is tilting in favor of the enemies.”

After hearing Paris’ words, Fei had to admit that this woman was intelligent and instantly saw the core.

The [Demonic Woman] lightly fixed her hair by placing strands of hairs behind her delicate ear, and she continued, “Although I despise the Crown Prince, I have to admit that he is super talented in terms of military and warfare. If I’m not wrong, he must have already seen this as well. Since the Capital is surrounded by the enemies, the victory of a small-scale battle can only be earned through a battle between masters and not legions.”

As she analyzed the situation, Paris looked confident and stunning, showing the temperament and intelligence of one of the two most powerful women in St. Petersburg. There were reasons why she could rival Elder Princess Tanasha who was known as [Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence] and become one of the key members on the side of Second Prince Dominguez. In just a few sentences, she cleared up the messy situation and came up with a solution.

“Right now, if a super powerful master of Zenit could appear and kill a bunch of enemy masters, the morale of the soldiers will be stimulated, and the tilting scale of victory will be pulled back to neutral temporarily. In the Empire, Emperor Yassin is already… The Crown Prince is intelligent but doesn’t have a master who can stun the enemies. Therefore, even though he probably saw the solution, he couldn’t put it into action.” As Paris said that, she looked at Fei with her expressive and shiny eyes as a sly smile appeared on her face.

“I know what you mean,” Fei said as he cracked his knuckles barbarically. As he pretended to be vicious, he laughed, “So you’re telling me to kill a bunch of enemies right now? Hehe, I’m really good at this!”

After hearing this, Paris covered her mouth and giggled, “[Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord. Hehe, today is your best chance at making a name for yourself! From today on, the entire Continent will praise your power, and many traveling poets will tell your stories…”

“Hey, please stop. Why do I feel like I died in your version of the story?” Fei quickly stopped Paris.

“Haha, I’m just trying to motivate you before the battle,” Paris giggled as she looked back at the battlefield. After a few seconds, she asked in a seemingly casual yet earnest tone, “Hey, Little Man, how good are you at escaping? If you cause a big scene, the super powerful masters on the enemy’s side might try to kill you. Can you escape? It is very likely that there are Sun-Class Lords on the side of Ormond.”

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  1. Fai Bani

    “Fei looked at her side face, he felt a little suffocating” YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEea right like a Rabbit bite him and he starts bleeding ….

  2. i sometimes get pissed at how the author uses an entire paragraph to describe how beautiful women like paris,tanasha or the queens are…not that i have a problem with them in itself but the chapters are getting shorter and we waste an entire paragraph on this,…smh

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