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Hail the King Chapter 713.2

Chapter 713: Paris’ Plan (Part Two)

Fei sensed the area with his spirit energy and laughed, “Don’t worry! Haha, no one here is able to battle me!”

“Worry? Who would worry for a savage like you? Humph!” Paris murmured to herself in a voice that only she could hear.

Then, she said loudly, “Good! Don’t show yourself yet. Just wait until the perfect moment, and the effect of your appearance will be the greatest.”

After that was said, she asked Fei to bring her to all four sides of St. Petersburg to observe the situation. In the end, she decided to stay at the main gate of the City.

Looking down from the sky, the main gate of the Capital was being focused on by the enemies.

Out of all the empires in the united troops, the Leon Empire which was the dominating player in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit, was in charge of getting through the main gate of St. Petersburg.

Many soldiers of Leon were charging at the main gate. They were all fearless, and they had vicious smiles on their faces.

“Charge! The Zenitians can’t hold up anymore! Haha! Kill all the damn Zenitians!”

“Charge into St. Petersburg! Kill all the men, and let their women whine and moan under us! Haha! Rob their treasures!”

“The Legion Commander has ordered! Whoever charges into St. Petersburg will be rewarded with 100,000 gold coins. Once we conquer the City, we can rob it for three days! The treasures in the palaces and the beautiful women are all free to take! First come first serve!”

Loud shouts sounded and resonated in the sky.

The soldiers of Leon were in a berserk state; treasures and women blinded them. If they could break open the Capital of Zenit, they would be rewarded heavily! The endless killing and death turned off their brain, and they were driven by their primitive and animal-like instinct. If this bunch of mindless soldiers rushed into St. Petersburg, the amount of damage that they could do was beyond words.

Fei had sharp vision, and he was surprised to see that the person in charge of defending the main gate was no other than [Zenit’s God of War], Crown Prince Arshavin.

Arshavin was in the dark-red armor of the [Iron Blood Legion], and he was sitting down in the watchtower on the main gate with a murderous yet majestic aura on him. His expression was calm; no one knew what he was thinking.

Beside [Zenit’s God of War], the masters of his [Iron Blood Legion] were standing beside him, protecting him like the satellites around the moon.

The atmosphere on the defense wall was intense, but Arshavin was keeping everything in control. More than 20 messengers were running around on the defense wall, passing out the Crown Prince’s commands.

All the dangerous situations and potential weaknesses in the defense were noticed by Arshavin right away, and he quickly made commands and stabilized the situations.

The calmness and intelligence of [Zenit’s God of War] were impressive.

Under the motivation of Arshavin, the soldiers of Zenit used 200% of their combat abilities, and none of them backed off. They built another defense wall with their bodies on the actual defense wall, stopping the enemies from breaking through.

Outside the defense wall, the masters of Zenit and Leon battled each other ferociously.

Among them, a handsome young man who was protected by golden armor was the most eye-catching.

With a golden lance in his hands, he used his metal-elemental warrior energy to a stunning degree. None of the enemies could face his strikes, and a dozen masters of Zenit followed him tightly and worked together under his command. Like a lethal weapon, they killed more than 30 masters of Leon and destroyed more than 20 large sieging machines.

This young man was the Tenth Executive Knight of the Imperial Knight Palace, Chris Sutton.

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