Chapter 714: Like Moths to Flames (Part One)

It was only after the battle with Golden Sun Knight, Chris Sutton, that Fei got famous and shocked the people of St. Petersburg. From that moment on, Fei entered the sight of the most influential figures in the Empire. It was also that fight which caused the other executive knights to challenge Fei on the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage, stir up the situation, and give Fei the nickname of [Sky Covering Fist].

About a year ago, Sutton was the most famous younger-generation warrior in the Empire, and he became an executive knight at a young age. Many people thought that he was going to take over the title of Martial Saint from Krasic one day.

However, this young man was very arrogant and aggressive.

The fight with Fei could be considered as his most painful battle. On the Dual-Tower Mountain, his lance broke, his golden armor shattered, and he left the place almost naked.

From that moment on, Sutton who was known as the Golden Sun Knight put away his arrogance and started to progress on the path of cultivation. Defeating Fei became his biggest mission in life.

In this year, Sutton who corrected his attitude didn’t waste any time. With his talent and stimulation from Fei, he already became a Nine-Star Warrior, and he was very close to becoming a Moon-Class Elite. His metal-elemental warrior energy was very lethal, and no enemy master could stop him yet.

Fei saw this acquaintance of his, but he couldn’t help but sigh at the current situation.

He still remembered that this Golden Sun Knight was one of the pursuers of Paris.

However, since the peace of the Empire broke, all the personal emotions had to be ditched aside. As a young warrior of Zenit, Sutton had to put himself into the war wholeheartedly. Even though his status was high, he could die at any moment now.


Sutton led the charge, and the other warriors of Zenit followed him. They destroyed and flipped over the 31st siege machine, and the huge machine fell to the ground, splashing up a lot of dust.

As Sutton breathed heavily, he looked down at his golden armor that was now dyed red and full of cracks.

The continuous battle finally made this young warrior of Zenit feel fatigued, and more than half of his warrior energy was used in this battle. Therefore, he had to slow down a little and replenish his warrior energy.

Behind him, the 16 experienced Three-Star Warriors who were selected from the military of Zenit looked at him in admiration. Under the leadership of this young executive knight, they obtained a small-scale victory! They killed more than 100 warriors of Leon and more than 1,000 soldiers of Leon and destroyed more than 30 siege machines. In their eyes, Sutton was a real hero.

The intense murderous spirit coming off Sutton terrified the ordinary soldiers of Leon, and they didn’t dare to approach. These warriors of Zenit were only surrounded and not attacked, which was rare, and they took this opportunity to restore their depleting warrior energies quickly.

At this moment, Chris Sutton suddenly sensed something, and he looked up at a direction as his pupils contracted.

In the sky, three figures who were in the black uniform armors of Leon flew in this direction quickly, and they looked like three dashes of lights. Before they got here, their vast and tsunami-like auras already suffocated these warriors of Zenit.

Moon-Class Elites!

It seemed like the Chief Commander of Leon who was far from here finally noticed this elite team of Zenit outside the defense wall, and he sent over three Moon-Class Elites to kill them and gain complete control of the main gate of St. Petersburg.

Any single Moon-Class Elite would be considered a great treasure of an empire.

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