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Hail the King Chapter 714.2

Chapter 714: Like Moths to Flames (Part Two)

In the last 30 hours or so, the Moon-Class Elites of both empires had battled each other many times. In a severe disadvantage, Zenit had sent out all the Moon-Class Elites of the Imperial Senate. The four Moon-Class Elites on the side of Zenit only barely pressured the Moon-Class Elites of Leon to back off with the assistance of the magic crossbows on the defense wall, and two of them were severely injured while the other two died in battle.

Chris Sutton was clear that Zenit almost had no Moon-Class Elite who still had combat abilities. Out of the two Moon-Class Elites who were severely injured, one of them already died, and the other one finally got his life saved by the mages of Zenit, and he could only recover some of his strength after three to four days of rest. Right now, Zenit couldn’t send out any more masters to battle these three Moon-Class Elites who were dashing over.

“Now, we could only use the life of countless ordinary soldiers and Star-level Warriors to slow down these three terrifying enemies!” the Golden Sun Knight thought to himself, and he wasn’t afraid at all.

He grasped his golden dragon lance, straightened his back, and said to his comrades heroically without turning around, “Brothers, it is my honor to fight alongside you. Now, the final moment is here. No matter what happens, as long as we are alive, we can’t allow the Leonians to charge into the Capital! Let’s use our lives to protect our loved ones in the city and fulfill the promise we made to Emperor Yassin!”

“We are willing to battle until death!” The 16 elite soldiers roared in unison.

The brave souls of Zenit’s military resonated with this roar.

At the same time, the three Moon-Class Elites of Leon who dashed over separated into two groups.

Two of them flew pass this elite team of Zenit, penetrated the magic energy sphere, and dashed at Arshavin, the Chief Commander who was sitting on the defense wall. The last one dashed down like a fierce eagle, and he struck at Sutton with a smile full of disdain.


The Golden Sun Knight roared and unleashed all his metal-elemental warrior energy. The bright warrior energy flames shined on his golden armor, making him look like a small sun on the ground. The dragon lance that was about three meters long dashed out of his hand and shot at the Moon-Class Elite who was striking down on him.

“Hahaha! How dare a few ants like you challenge a dragon?” arrogant laughter sounded from the sky.


This Moon-Class Elite of Leon only lightly punched out, but an indefensible force appeared, instantly shattering the dragon lance that was thrown out by Sutton, who was a Nine-Star Warrior, into thousands of pieces, and these golden pieces shot in all directions.

However, it seemed like Sutton already anticipated this. His handsome face still looked calm, and he stepped forward with his left leg and bent his left knee a little. Then, his right hand clenched in the air, and a huge dragon lance, which was made from condensed metal-elemental warrior energy, appeared in his hand and shot into the sky.

In a split second, Sutton created and shot out more than a dozen warrior energy lances.

[Crescent Moon Meteor Strike]!

The golden energy lances turned into phantoms and created a huge net, wrapping onto this Moon-Class Elite.

This technique was from a powerful scroll which Sutton obtained from the Royal Martial Library. It was a powerful lance technique, and its power was multiplied when metal-elemental warrior energy was used. It was heard that Emperor Yassin created this technique himself.

In this devastating situation, Sutton knew that he couldn’t get out of here alive, and he was fearless. Since he was determined to severely injure his opponent even if he couldn’t die with him, he unleashed all his warrior energy without holding back.

Therefore, Sutton’s strike even reached low-tier New Moon Realm.

This Moon-Class Elite of Leon underestimated his opponent; he didn’t think that a Nine-Star Warrior could ever injure him.

Therefore, a few golden energy lances flew past his shoulder, cutting a few of his hairs and leaving a light scratch on his face.

“Power!” The 16 elite soldiers all roared at the same time.

Then, they unleashed all their power, ignited their warrior energy flames, and leaped into the air, trying to use their most powerful strikes and lives to stop this Moon-Class Elite like moths to flames.

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  1. Siva

    Too much blah blah blah not enough progression; three chapters (6 parts) of description for every one chapter of progress…painful but thanx for the chapter!!

  2. YoungestDao

    are you gonna describe each character in each chapter author ? probably some later chapter you will need 30 chapter (60 parts) just to make Fei appear

  3. Fimbulwinter

    Zenit would have more moon class elites, if they stopped sending them into the meat grinder aka Alexander :’)

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