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Hail the King Chapter 715.1

Chapter 715: One Fist (Part One)

“How dare you injure me? You dirty Zenitian! Die! All of you!” This Moon-Class Elite who was injured due to his own carelessness was enraged.

He quickly swung his arm in the air, and a tremendous amount of energy dashed down. The fire-elemental warrior energy instantly gushed over, smashing away all the golden warrior energy.

The ultimate technique of the Golden Sun Knight was instantly dismantled, and his sharp metal-elemental warrior energy disappeared like ice cubes under the hot Sun.

The 16 elite soldiers of Zenit who leaped into the air were also knocked back as if they ran into an invisible wall, and they spat out mouthfuls of blood.

“Is the difference between us this huge?” After witnessing this scene, Chris Sutton couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

However, he didn’t hesitate or stop. He leaped up and attacked this Moon-Class Elite without holding back as the 17th ‘moth.’

“Even if I die, I have to slow down this terrifying enemy!” he thought.

In terms of the other two Moon-Class Elites who were dashing toward the main gate of St. Petersburg, Sutton had no power to stop them.

“I hope that the gods can bless Zenit and help us pass this catastrophe,” he thought.

The burning fire-elemental warrior energy splashed at this handsome executive knight and fluttered his hair.

-On the defense wall-

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The magic arrows that contained immerse energy shot out like raindrops in a storm.

The magic energy flames around the arrows illuminated the angry faces of the soldiers of Zenit, and they all wanted to tear those two demon-like figures into pieces. However, these two Moon-Class Elites of Leon were way too fast. They dashed around like two phantoms, and the Five-Star Warriors who were operating the huge magic crossbows couldn’t even capture their locations in time.

This was the sad situation that Zenit was facing

They didn’t have Moon-Class Elites on their side who could at least slow down the enemies. Even though these magic arrows were powerful and could injure the Moon-Class Elites of Leon, they couldn’t hit the targets accurately even though they were shot out continuously.

However, each of these magic arrows were hard to make and expensive, so there weren’t a lot of supplies. But during a time like this, they couldn’t stop shooting the magic arrows out. If they stopped, the Moon-Class Elites of Leon would instantly approach the defense wall.

[Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin immediately stood up from his chair. Even though he didn’t look anxious, he was very nervous inside.

If this continued, the main gate of the Capital was going to be break open in a few minutes.

When the magic arrows were used up and depleted, the St. Petersburg would be conquered.

At this moment, he turned around and looked at the Royal Palace that stood beside the mountain in the center of the Capital. He was a little hopeful, but he also felt ashamed.

The Zenit Empire was pressured to an extreme degree. If Emperor Yassin who was severely ill appeared and killed the Moon-Class Elites of Leon, the current dangerous situation would be eliminated. However, the most powerful people on the enemy’s side didn’t show themselves yet; they were all waiting for Emperor Yassin to move first since they weren’t sure of his strength.

Once the enemies figured out the real strength of Zenit, the most terrifying attacks would strike the Empire.

At this moment, Arshavin suddenly remembered the King of Chambord for some reason.

He slightly regretted his decision, and he thought, “If our relationship didn’t go sour, this arrogant but powerful guy would be here, giving an additional layer of protection to the Empire.”

However, this thought only flashed by his mind for a second.

He quickly shook his head and self-mocked, “Why did I think about this despicable rebel? This shameless, arrogant, and short-sighted guy is probably at his kingdom and watching the Empire burn down. He probably can’t wait for Zenit to go down! Why would he appear here? Humph!”

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  1. Wonder what he saw at the royal palace that forced him to antagonize fei?

    • goldenxman

      Probably something like only the strongest will inherit the empire .

  2. Aragalf27

    I’m sure they will try to give the prince some reason why he acts like that, but d*mn, that dude’s a royal *sshole.

  3. Fimbulwinter

    Arshavin is such a hypocrite.

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