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Hail the King Chapter 715.2

Chapter 715: One Fist (Part Two)

-In the sky above St. Petersburg-

“Ok, you can move now. Take care of that Moon-Class Elite of Leon outside the defense wall and then kill the two in the sky,” Paris suddenly said to Fei. She had been observing the situation for a while, and she felt like this was the perfect moment.


“Hehe, Little Man, remember not to use your full strength in the beginning. Only appear to be one to two levels strong than the enemies. Except for that, be as arrogant as possible!”

Fei looked at the [Demonic Woman] and instantly knew what she was thinking.

“She sure is a cunning and scary woman,” Fei thought.

Chris Sutton spat out a mouthful of blood and backed off like a broken kite.

That Moon-Class Elite of Leon defeated him with only one strike.

The vast fire-elemental warrior energy instantly burned his body, and his energy channels and internal organs were damaged by it. A level of pain that he never experienced before overtook his senses, forcing him to sweat buckets, and cracks appeared on his skin.

He knew that his opponent was trying to torture him by burning him slowly from the inside-out.

“Is my final day here? I’m dying for my empire! Ms. Paris, are you seeing this? I’m now a real man, and I’m shouldering my responsibility! I didn’t bring shame to the Imperial Knight Palace, and I didn’t lose face for the warriors of Zenit in front of the enemies. If… Dear Paris, if I can see you one more time before I die, I would be satisfied!” Sutton thought to himself.

In the final moment of his life, he wasn’t scared or angry; he was only regretful.

Since long ago when he first saw the [Demonic Woman], Chris Sutton who was known as a talented genius fell in love with this woman who was a few years older than him. In the beginning, he thought that his status, fame, strength, and good looks would allow him to get any women he wanted, but he failed in front of Paris.

[Demonic Paris] Paris always treated him like a little brother. She adored him, but she never looked at him as a man.

“Hehe, Little Guy, you are still a kid. You are too young and aggressive, and you don’t know anything.” This was the reply that Paris would give him whenever Sutton confessed to her.

Before, Sutton didn’t understand it.

However, after he heard that Paris got defeated at Chambord, he was pushed by that goateed old man named Alpha to battle with the King of Chambord and got used by him.

After he got crushed on the Dual-Tower Mountain, he spent the last while training diligently and gradually understood what Paris meant.

“Hahaha! You are only a little ant! How dare you injure me? I will use the most painful method to kill you! I will burn all your flesh and leave only your skin intact! Hahaha!” That Moon-Class Elite of Leon laughed viciously as he grasped at Sutton with red fire-elemental energy flames in his hand.

Sutton wasn’t afraid. In fact, he had a smile on his face.

He gave it his all, and he didn’t feel like he owed anyone anything.

Just when he closed his eyes and waited for his death, something unexpected happened.

A warm hand suddenly appeared behind him and pressed onto his back. A vast amount of warm energy flowed into his body, getting rid of that fire-elemental warrior energy and instantly healing all the injuries on him.

Sutton opened his eyes as he couldn’t believe what had happened.

Then, he saw a golden fist punching out from behind him.

Without any powerful aura, it lightly collided with the palm of that Moon-Class Elite of Leon.

In the next moment, Sutton saw the wicked smile froze on that Moon-Class Elite’s face, and shock and terror replaced it.

Then, that man was knocked away as if he were struck by a hammer, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

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