Chapter 716: Act Like a Pig but Eat Tiger (Part One)

[TL Note: This means that someone acts weak but is powerful. This way, face slap is much harder.]

“Reinforcement!” This was the first thought that appeared in the Golden Sun Knight’s mind.

“Who is this person? How is he this powerful? He easily healed me with one touch, and he easily knocked away a Moon-Class Elite with one punch! Even the guardians of the Imperial Senate aren’t this strong!” he continued to think, “When did such a powerful master appear in Zenit?”

The names of all the famous masters or hermits in St. Petersburg passed through his mind, but he rejected the possibilities of them being this powerful one after another.

“There are no more masters. Could it be that this person is the trump card of the Royal Family?”

The Golden Sun Knight was thrilled, and he turned around immediately after landing on the ground; he wanted to see who was this master that showed up at this critical moment and saved him.

A gust of wind blew by, and he only saw the back of this figure.

This figure took one giant step forward, and Sutton felt like a huge mountain passed him.

“It’s him!”

Even though Sutton only saw this person’s back, he instantly identified this man. This man left a profound mark on his mind, and he could never forget it.

[Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord!

“It is the King of Chambord!” Sutton suddenly got complex feelings about this.

His first reaction was that he lost again.

The rumored strength and the actual power that the King of Chambord demonstrated far exceeded Sutton’s expectations, and he realized that the difference between him and the King of Chambord was already far beyond his estimations. In the last half a year, although he worked hard and tried his best to catch up with the King of Chambord, the gap in their strengths grew bigger and bigger.

Right now, he felt like he couldn’t even see where the King of Chambord was on the path of cultivation.

This made him, who was competitive, feel defeated and frustrated.

However, he suddenly became excited again in the next moment.

He realized that the King of Chambord was on a level of his own! Everyone at the Capital knew how this king stood in the sky above St. Petersburg, called the Crown Prince by name, and defeated that old monster of the Imperial Senate with one strike…

The appearance of a terrifying figure like the King of Chambord wasn’t a bad thing.

Since Sutton saw Fei siding with Zenit, he became very relaxed, and he suddenly felt like the defense wall of St. Petersburg that was behind him was impenetrable!

After Fei saved the Golden Sun Knight, he stepped forward and chased after that Moon-Class Elite of Leon, attacking continuously.

Every time he moved forward one step, he would punch out once.

On the other side, this Moon-Class Elite of Leon was shocked. He sensed the power hidden in Fei’s punches, and he lost the courage to fight back.

In mid-air, he continued to back off with an anxious expression on his face. Even though he tried to escape, he was targeted by Fei’s spirit energy and couldn’t get away.

Therefore, despite the fact that he knew he was no match for Fei, he had to punch out to defend himself.

The golden and red energy flames lit up, collided, flashed, burned, and dispersed.

First punch!

Second punch!!

Third Punch!!!

After the third punch, it seemed like everything was over, and no more noises sounded.

Fei stopped at where he was, and his aura felt heavy and stable like a giant mountain.

That young Moon-Class Elite of Leon wasn’t in a good situation. He already fell to the ground, and blood flowed out of his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears as his body shivered.

He tried his best to raise his hand and pointed at Fei, asking the king in a hoarse voice as his eyes opened wide, “Who… who are you? Zenit doesn’t have masters anymore; who are you?”

“You don’t deserve to know,” Fei replied casually without even looking at this man.

This Moon-Class Elite was arrogant in front of the weak and timid when facing the powerful.

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