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Hail the King Chapter 717.1

Chapter 717: The Theory of Slaughtering Pigs (Part One)

“You don’t deserve to know,” Fei gave the same response to this question. Then, he added with a bright smile on his face, “Have you ever seen a butcher telling a pig what his name is before the slaughtering?

“You…” This Moon-Class Elite of Leon was infuriated. After all, Fei was very hateable right now. He didn’t look like a master. Instead, he was more like a hooligan and was using anything necessary to anger the other party.

This Moon-Class Elite shouted, “I know that you are powerful, but don’t you have the dignity and honor of a master? Your strength puts you in a high realm, but you are sneaky and don’t respect your opponents! This is disappointing!”

“Go f*ck yourself!” Fei curled his lips and swore without holding back, “Have you seen a butcher pay a lot of respect to a pig that he is about to kill?”

This Moon-Class Elite’s vision darkened, and he almost fainted due to intense anger.

“This man is much more powerful than me, but he is actually like a dumb*ss! His temperament is nothing like a master, and he talks about pigs all the time!” Even though this Moon-Class Elite knew that the king was treating him like a dumb pig, he couldn’t do anything to counterattack.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted at his peer in the sky, “Leo, let’s attack together and kill this dumb*ss once for all!”

The third Moon-Class Elite who was dodging the magic arrows and trying to get St. Petersburg to waste all its offensive resources had noticed what was happening on the ground. As soon as he heard his peer’s call, he turned into a gust of wind and dashed down at Fei with a lot of green wind-elemental energy blades around himself.

This man was a level 3 low-tier Half Moon Elite who mastered wind-elemental warrior energy; he was even stronger than the second Moon-Class Elite!

Since this third Moon-Class Elite was buying time, the fire-elemental Moon-Class Elite on the ground took this opportunity to quickly chug a bottle of healing potion to recover from his injuries.

Just as he laughed viciously and was about to jump up and attack Fei as well, something happened.

Golden energy flames flashed by, and a figure appeared in front of him so fast that he didn’t even have the time to react.

It was that black-haired young warrior of Zenit.

This fire-elemental Moon-Class Elite was shocked, and he felt a pain in his chest. When he looked down, he saw that familiar fist penetrating his chest easily like a hot knife through butter.

“You… you…” Seeing the faint smile on Fei’s face, this Moon-Class Elite couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

He had already drunk that healing potion. Although it couldn’t instantly bring him back to his prime state, he recovered from 70% of the injuries in his body.

However, even though this was the case, and even though the other Moon-Class Elite was attacking from above using wind-elemental energy blades, this black-haired young man who was very arrogant still got to him and destroyed his heart without giving him the time to react.

“This means… This means that this black-haired Zenitians is far more powerful than me! So, he held back strength when fighting me? How?” Fear was the only thing that was on this Moon-Class Elite’s mind as he thought everything through.

He felt it when his heart was grasped by that iron hand and shattered into pieces, so he tried to use his fire-elemental warrior energy to scream as loud as he could, warning his peer so that the latter could escape in time. However, a sense of powerlessness overtook him, and he couldn’t say a word as a Moon-Class Elite. Death was quickly overcoming him.

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