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Hail the King Chapter 717.2

Chapter 717: The Theory of Slaughtering Pigs (Part Two)

“Hahaha! Fight me in a two-on-one? How could I let that happen? I will kill a weak pig like you and then destroy the other pig!” Like a demon deity, Fei laughed arrogantly and shook his right arm. His terrifying power instantly rushed out of his arms and shattered this fire-elemental Moon-Class Elite. Then, he turned around and punched out. The golden energy flames grew and turned the green wind-elemental energy blades into pure wind elements, and a vacuum zone appeared between Fei and the third Moon-Class Elite.

“Great!” The Golden Sun Knight, Chris Sutton, couldn’t help but shout; he felt like his blood was boiling.

“This is the King of Chambord! A damn b*stard, an arrogant overlord, and a murderous butcher! When you are his enemy, you will experience a level of terror and pain that you never felt before. However, if you are his friend and standing with him, you will feel like you are in heaven! Seeing him bringing your enemies unlimited nightmares; isn’t that the best thing in the world?” he thought to himself.

Seeing the king still hiding his fangs at this moment, Sutton started to feel sorry for this poor wind-elemental Moon-Class Elite of Leon.

“Great! Power! Power! Power!”

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill that pig of Leon!”

The soldiers of Zenit on and outside the defense wall all shouted in excitement, and what just happened encourage them to their cores.

They were feeling desperate, and they didn’t expect that there would be a powerful master hidden among them; they couldn’t even think of this in their dreams.

Right now, they were feeling a great amount of thrill. The arrogant Moon-Class Elites of Leon who were mocking Zenit were now easily destroyed by this master of Zenit! Was there anything else more enjoyable?

The low morale of the soldiers of Zenit suddenly started to climb up again from this moment on.

“Your damn dirty Zenitian! I’m going to kill you!”

One of his peers was severely injured, and the other was dead. This made the wind-elemental Moon-Class Elite very frustrated. Since he was the most powerful one among them, he felt like his dignity was challenged, and he was enraged like a lion that got its mating partner taken away.

He floated into mid-air, away from the attack range of the magic arrows. The bright green wind elements flew around him, looking like green flames.

As this master waved his hand, the green flames flew forward, turning into various lethal weapons and shooting at Fei like a bladestorm.

Fei was instantly enveloped by the many energy weapons.

“Hahaha! A low-leveled empire is just too weak. You are just a dirty bug; how dare you resist against the Leon Empire? You are seeking death! I will kill you today, conquer the city, and wipe out all the Zenitians who are taller than a wheel! Hahaha!”

That wind-elemental Moon-Class Elite of Leon laughed in mid-air.

From his experience, he knew that no one could escape from his bladestorm.

“Even if his strength doubles mine, he can’t get away,” he thought.

The soldiers of both empires were fighting each other ferociously. However, due to the battle between the Moon-Class Elites, they stopped momentarily and paid attention to it.

Seeing the master on their side getting the advantage, the soldiers of Leon cheered loudly.

On the other hand, the soldiers of Zenit became worried and desperate. Since the battle was too short, they hadn’t recognized Fei’s identity yet. Right now, they all thought to themselves, “Could it be that his dominance is going to be short-lived?”

Only the Golden Sun Knight had recognized Fei, so he wasn’t worried.

He had witnessed the King of Chambord’s strength before, so he knew that this master of Leon couldn’t do anything to the king.

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