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Hail the King Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Origin

A couple expressions flashed through the mage’s face, followed by a moment of silence. He suddenly sighed, “Young man, I have to admit that you are very smart to be able to accurately guess the truth from such few clues. However–hehe –it’s useless. Even if the Eindhoven Empire temporarily doesn’t know where the prince has gone, once they realize that something is wrong, nothing can hide from the Eindhoven Empire‘s ears. Even if they lose a single horse, the imperial secret spies can investigate and find where it is, not to mention his highness and his three thousand black armoured elite soldiers. When they find out what has happened, Chambord and Zenit Empire will be doomed. Everyone will die!”

“Die your mom!” Fei threw the mage two more slaps to his face, making the mage “climax”; a portion of his teeth flew out of his mouth again. Fei threatened, “Old Douche, tell me honestly why you guys came to Chambord!”

The mage sneered. A look of viciousness and spitefulness flashed in his eyes as he kept his silence.

“Yo! Trying to act tough in front of me?” Fei was so angry that he started laughing. “Alright old thing, you have some balls. Hold yourself together for this!”

Fei sneered as he grabbed onto one of the mage’s bones that had just recovered; he applied some of his strength and crushed the bone again. The mage took in a deep cold breath and passed out. Fei took out the 【Healing Potion】 and dripped some of it onto the bone. Soon, the old mage woke up and looked at his own leg bone in shock. “My bone has recovered already? This……”

“Old douche, look at this……” Fei lightly shook the half-filled 【Healing Potion】 bottle in his hand and smiled as if he was a devil ready to make a dirty exchange. “The potion in this bottle is enough to revive a life and heal anyone. It doesn’t matter how severe an injury is; a few drips of the potion will heal it. If you still try and act tough and stay silent, hehehe, I’ll crash and shatter your bones, heal it again, break it again, and heal it again……If you have the patience to play with me, I’ll let you feel the pain of getting every bone in your body crushed thousands of times. That feeling…… Hehehe, hahahahaha……”

The mage broke down instantly and cried, “Devil, you devil……”

Fei laughed, “If you tell me the truth, I’ll save your life with this potion. All the broken bones in your limbs and body will be completely recovered. If there’s a chance, we might even be able to cooperate! Hehehe!”

The mage rolled his eyes a couple times and hesitated as he contemplated his situation. His limbs had already been beaten and crushed into meat paste and had no life in them. The only way that he survived until now was by relying on his powerful magic powers. He had no desires and no needs anymore. This was why he was super brave and tough. But as soon as he saw hope for survival, the mage’s resolve finally wavered. Desperation could make heroes, but hope could turn even the best hero into a coward. The red potion in the devil’s hand was the only hope for the black cloaked mage; everyone treasured their own lives, and a huge opportunity had been presented right in front of him. If he could handle it properly, he could soar back to his prior status and power level……Therefore, he eventually submitted to Fei. He nodded, “Alright, I’ll tell you everything I know, but before that, you have to swear that once I tell you everything, you will heal me. If you aren’t a man of your words, you will……”

“I swear to the God of War that as Alexander, the King of Chambord, if I don’t honour my words, then I shall fall into the deepest part of hell and be tortured for eternity!” Fei raised his hand and vowed solemnly.

The mage believed Fei.

“My name is Evans and I’m a four star mage. I’m from the faraway – Level 9 Manchester Empire. I was traveling around the continent in accordance with my tutor Ferdinand’s instructions. Three months ago when I was traveling through the deep forest to the North of Eindhoven Empire, I accidently ran into two mercenary teams fighting to the death over a mysterious black map. In the beginning I was only curious, so I killed off all the hundred or so mercenaries and laid my hands on the map. I wasn’t really paying attention to it at first, but then I found out that the materials necessary to make the map were things that I, a four star mage, had never seen before. After some translation and research, I was shocked to find out that I had inadvertently picked up a huge surprise – The map was an antique passed down from the Battle of Gods and Demons thousands of years ago. Many locations were circled by red marks. Those areas are likely the ruins of the Mythical Wars between the God and Demons. Besides those ruins, many other locations were marked as well, but I don’t know what they represent……After I found out about this surprise, I wanted to explore the ruins of the Mythical War. I spent about two months researching and studying this map in great detail and finally located one of the many ruins……”

“So one of these ruins is at Chambord Castle?” Something triggered Fei as he asked calmly.

“En, that’s right. It was at Chambord Castle. More than a month ago, I came to Chambord Castle a couple times and searched for the ruins in the castle carefully. Although I found some rough clues, I never found the real entrance to the ruins. After that, I realized that finding the ruins would likely be a time and energy consuming operation. I couldn’t do it all by myself. Plus, there were so many people living in Chambord. Therefore, after some thought, I had to find a helper……”

“So you went and found that damn Prince of Eindhoven?”

“I knew the Prince Mateja-Kezman beforehand. He knew that I was powerful and tried to recruit me under his belt to help him battle for the throne of Eindhoven Empire against his two brothers…… I found him and told him that I had discovered ruins from the Mythical War thousands of years ago and invited him to explore it together. Once he acquired the ruins, he would be able to easily beat his two brothers and become the next Emperor of the Eindhoven Empire. Mateja-Kezman was stoked and accepted my invitation immediately. To prevent his two brothers from finding out what he was up to, he pretended to travel for leisure and brought his elite soldiers to the edge of Zenit Empire. We immediately changed our appearances and took off all our banners and flags. Then, we snuck through Zenit Empire’s sentries, crossed the valleys and forests and surrounded Chambord in the blink of an eye. The plan was to conquer the castle at light speed and massacre all the citizens and royals. After we gained ownership of the castle, we would create a false impression that nothing had happened and search the castle for the ruins. After all, no one would pay attention to a remote little kingdom such as Chambord. Until Zenit Empire found out about us, we would’ve already acquired and took over the ruins, hehehe……”

“That’s strange… by your gloomy and vicious look, you probably don’t have the kind of heart to help that idiot prince fight for the throne, moreover to share the Mythical Ruins with him. You’re up to no good as well……” Fei stared at the mage and sneered.

“Ake, ake…….” The mage coughed up a mouthful of blood. He said weakly, “Of course, the Mythical Ruins are so precious; why would I share it with him? Once we found the entrance to the ruins and started exploring, I would kill him, take control of the three thousand soldiers and order them to continue exploring the ruins for me. Hehehe……” The mage started laughing when he spoke of his master plan.

“Aren’t you afraid of Eindhoven Empire’s revenge?”

“To avoid other people from finding out what we were doing and prevent unnecessary fights over the ruins, we wiped out all the traces. No one would be able to find out where Prince Mateja-Kezman and his troops had gone…… Hahaha, Prince Mateja-Kezman dug his own grave. Everything was going according to my plan.”

“So all the stuff you said about the Eindhoven Empire eventually finding out what had happened was just to scare me?” Fei sneered. “Will they never find out that their prince died here?”

“Nothing’s certain. You can’t underestimate Eindhoven Empire’s strength. They will find out eventually. However, even if they do, so what? I’m from the level 9 Manchester Empire, and my mentor Ferdinand is a very important official in the Empire. When they find out about this, I’d already be done exploring the ruins and have reported the ruins to the Manchester Empire. By that time, I would have the appraisal of the Empire and my status would soar. Hehehe, what could a level 4 Empire do to me at that time?” The Mage had a vicious expression on his face as he said that.

“Your idea was great, but unfortunately, your luck wasn’t on point. You met me and were beaten like a sandbag. Aren’t you a weak prisoner now, begging for mercy?” Fei was being sarcastic. ” I have to thank you. If it wasn’t for your detailed planning, Chambord may have truly be doomed under Eindhoven cavalries’ iron hooves.

The Mage was enraged after he heard that. He stared at Fei angrily and wanted to say something sarcastic back, but after a moment of hesitation, he lowered his head and sighed sadly. “What could I do? Calculations can’t stand against fate. I would have never thought that such a magnificent character like you could exist in the small Chambord Kingdom. However, we wouldn’t know each other if we didn’t fight. What you said earlier was true. We can cooperate and work together in the future.”

Fei didn’t comment on the mage’s recommendation.

He was shocked on the inside. What the Mage said had proved some of his early hypotheses. Chambord did have a long history behind it, and the huge underground maze-like prison was probably a part of the Mythical Ruins.

Fei didn’t shown any emotion on his face; he continuously asked, “Tell me about the Mythical Ruins.”

“You’ve never heard of the Mythical Ruins before?” the Mage laughed disdainfully. But after he saw the murderous glare in Fei’s eyes, his ego disappeared like melting ice cream and answered humbly, “According to legends, thousands of years ago Gods and Demons ruled the Azeroth Continent. Both races were crazily powerful. They could crush mountains, rip open the skies, shatter the land and do whatever they wanted. But for some reason, both races couldn’t bear each other; one race had to die.  Since the beginning of their existence, they had fought and battled against each other. The war lasted more than tens of thousands of years. Gods and Demons battled across the continent and the ruins of war spread across the whole continent. However, the ruins were slowly buried by in dust over time…… afterwards, the two powerful races of Gods and Demons suddenly disappeared mysteriously from Azeroth Continent. After a long period of time, the human race slowly rose…… Of course, these are only legends told by traveling poets and storytellers. But, people did find quite a few mysterious ruins on the continent and gained a ton of incredible items from them. Even the training methods of energy and magic powers extremely popular on the continent right now were discovered from the ruins. People had gotten magic items and devices, wealth, energy technique scrolls, magic training scrolls…… and much, much more from the ruins. ‘Once you acquire a Mythical Ruin, you will obtain everything.’ That was the golden rule on the continent. Level 9 Barcelona Empire, the number one empire on the Continent, and a few other Empires such as the Milan Empire, Chelsea Empire and Anfield Empire all rose to power and got stronger after they discovered large scale Mythical Ruins. Even our Manchester Empire was no exception; the great imperial creator Master Matt-Busby created the Manchester Empire after he discovered a great Mythical Ruins and acquired of its resources.”

As the mage spoke, a rare and proud expression appeared on his face. The man named Busby must have been super powerful.

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