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Hail the King Chapter 720.1

Chapter 720: Invincible (Part One)

“This is impossible! Who are you? Who the f*ck are you? Why do you know Neon’s Fire Hidden Fist?”

There was no wound on Revier’s body, but the expression on his face made it seem like he saw the Grim Reaper. As his body softened, streaks of black smoke slowly appeared from his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. It was a bizarre scene! It looked like a fire was burning inside of his body!

However, before he could finish speaking, something terrifying happened again.

After a breeze blew by, the black robe on Revier’s body slowly turned in ashes and flew away, revealing his body. Then, streaks of black smoke came out of his body through all the pores.

Soon, the streaks of black smoke started to jet out of his pores, and he was enveloped by it.

In just about three seconds, the black smoke dispersed into the area.

A terrifying scene occurred.

The Legion Commander of the Tornado Legion of the Leon Empire, who was a level 8 top-tier Half Moon Elite, fell from the sky. The strange thing was that he dropped like a leaf, slowly swaying in the air as he fell. It seemed like he was almost weightless.

When people took another look, they realized that Revier was turned into one sheet of skin; his internal organs, flesh, and bones were all turned into ashes by the fire-elemental energy, and only his skin was remaining.

This was the unique effect of the ultimate technique of the first Moon-Class Elite of Leon, Neon. The Fire Hidden Fist was able to turn everything inside a person’s body into ashes, but the skin would be untouched. It was a cruel combat technique that would make others shiver in fear.

Revier died in disbelief; he couldn’t understand why his opponent was able to use the technique that belonged to a master of Leon.

“Even if Neon used this technique on me, he couldn’t be able to defeat me, let alone breaking the Sword of the Land which is a high-leveled combat technique. How is this man able to send fire elements into my body? This fire is so powerful that it is burning through my body in a few seconds?!” These were the last few thoughts in Revier’s mind before he died.

The other people who couldn’t believe what they saw were the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Leon.

This legendary legion commander of Leon who expanded the territory of the empire and was invincible obtained many followers and admirers, but he died at the hands of a no-name young man of a low-level empire! This devastating strike instantly decreased the morale of the soldiers of Leon as if a massive chunk of ice were thrown into a pot of boiling water.

In contrast, the soldiers of Zenit were all excited.

After lasting for more than 30 hours on the defense wall and seeing their peers dying at the blades of the invaders, the tired and injured soldiers of Zenit who were cursing at their enemies suddenly were excited. They could fall asleep a moment ago, but now it seemed like they were injected with the most potent drug. They were full of energy, and they jumped and cheered.

Their voices were loud enough to shake mountains and move oceans.

“Invincible! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!”

“Zenit is invincible! The King of Chambord is invincible!”

On the defense wall of St. Petersburg, the high-level officials, as well as regular soldiers of Zenit all cheered. Even the militia members whose only job was to move arrows, rocks, and flame oil onto the defense wall patted their chests, hugged the people around them that they may or may not know, and cheered to vent their emotions.

The King of Chambord fought with four masters and killed three Moon-Class Elite; This legendary track record was enough to make the Zenitians who were referred to as dirty natives shout out in pride!

Fei stood in the air.

Above him, the black smoke and red blood mist mixed and rose into the sky, blocking the sunlight.

Below him, the corpses of the dead soldiers stained the fertile land, and their blood slowly floated to all directions, painting the area into the color red.

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