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Hail the King Chapter 720.2

Chapter 720: Invincible (Part Two)

The wind fluttered Fei’s long black hair, and it looked like a waterfall in the air.

At this moment, all the Zenitians felt like an invincible god was guarding the main gate of St. Petersburg, not a mortal!

“Hahahaha! Is a trash like that the master of a high-level empire? He is too weak! Come! Come again! Who else dares to battle with me?” Fei shouted.

This overbearing and provoking invitation resonated in the sky as if gods were roaring in heaven, and the terrifying sound waves dashed in all directions, even blowing up the dust on the ground.

In fact, the sound waves were so powerful that the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Leon got ashen-faced, and they backed off several steps without having the guts to look up.

Even the command station of Leon’s troop which was located far away and seemed majestic fell into a short moment of silence.

-In the air-

[Demonic Woman] Paris stood on [The Throne of Chaos] quietly. Using the power of this mysterious throne, she was able to achieve stealth. Even if a Sun-Class Lord were standing beside her, she wouldn’t be easily discovered.

However, Paris was able to see exactly what was going on.

Since no one was around her, this demonic woman could finally take off her ‘fake mask’.

Her beautiful eyes started to drift off, and she was gradually intoxicated by the man who was acting arrogantly and killed several masters of Leon as if he were cutting through vegetables.

Especially after Paris thought about the fact that Fei listened to her recommendation and acted overbearingly while suppressing his real power, this woman somehow felt very sweet.

When they first met on the peak of the East Mountain at Chambord City, they looked at each other with disdain. However, starting from when Fei saved her from the assassination attempt of Spartax that night at the tavern…

Even this intelligent woman didn’t know when she grew a unique and different emotion toward this cunning and shameless little king.

A gust of wind blew by and fluttered Paris’ hair.

She shook her head slightly and got rid of these strange emotions from her head. She woke up from that state of intoxication, and she knew that the Leonians were starting to pay attention to Fei after that battle; the more dangerous challenge was about to begin!

“Battle! Little Man! The era that belongs to you is about to start!”

After a few moments of silence, the Leonians responded to Fei’s provocation.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Loud drums sounded as if the ground were breaking, and they were as loud as thunder. It felt like they were going to shatter all the gloominess on the battlefield and empower all the soldiers of Leon.

This was the Royal Drum of Leon! All the brave soldiers of Leon heard it, and the desire for and confidence in victory reignited in their hearts.

Their morale was instantly raised.

Every time the Leonians were troubled, the Royal Drum of Leon would sound, and the thunderous drum beats would lead the Leonians back onto the path of victory and glory.

Soon, five dashes of lights shot from the back of the soldiers of Leon and flew toward the center of the battlefield.

Five more Moon-Class Elites appeared.

As these dashes of lights flew through the sky, terrifying auras were emitted. As if the Royal Drum of Leon summoned ancient beasts from history, the frightening auras made all the people on the battlefield shiver in fear.

These five Moon-Class Elites were powerful!

As soon as they arrived on the battlefield, they pounced at Fei without wasting time.

Without saying anything, they dashed at Fei as if they were lions that targeted their prey, and they unleashed all their energies. It seemed like they were going to use their ultimate strikes at any moment.

“Shameless! They are using more masters in battle!” Some people started cussing on the defense wall of St. Petersburg.

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