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Hail the King Chapter 721.1

Chapter 721: A Taste of Their Own Medicine! (Part One)

Only light wind was blowing on the battlefield, so it was quiet. Therefore, when the soldiers of Zenit started to cuss loudly on the defense wall, most of the people in the area heard them.

When there were master-level battles between empires, they were usually one-on-one battles.

However, there were exceptions where two groups of three to five masters fought team fights.

The situation in front of everyone where five masters were planning to attack one master was too rare. In the eyes of most people on the Azeroth Continent, such a battle was unfair and demoralizing, so many people didn’t like it.

As a result of this, all the Zenitians who could see the battle cursed.

The five Moon-Class Elites of Leon were in the same age range, and there were four males and one female.

The person in the lead had a full brown beard, and he was quite muscular. The two people behind him were thin and looked similar; the only difference between them was that one of them had long hair while the other had short hair. Behind these two people, there was a short fatty who had white, smooth skin and a female who looked pretty. The fatty had a smile on his face and didn’t look murderous; instead, he seemed like a wealthy nobleman. Beside him, the female looked like she was in her twenties, and she looked cold like an iceberg, stopping others from approaching her by her aura alone.

After hearing all the curses, their expressions didn’t change and turn awkward.

At this moment, a loud and crisp voice sounded from the command station of Leon soldiers. In a haughty tone, this man said, “Hahaha! Ridiculous! Is team fighting not allowed during master-level battles? We will give you ten seconds, and Zenit can also send out four more Moon-Class Elites to participate in the upcoming… Haha! Five-on-five team fight!”

As soon as this was said, most of the cursing stopped.

The soldiers of Leon who felt awkward and embarrassed after hearing the curses now laughed out loud.

The Head Commander of Leon sure was vicious.

He knew that the Zenit Empire didn’t have more Moon-Class Elites aside from the King of Chambord, and he was taking advantage of this situation. However, he made it sound righteous as he followed all the unwritten rules on the Continent, meaning that this man was also a shameless person who was willing to use all the tactics in the book.

“That is right! The five of us always move together! Even if our opponent is a Sun-Class Lord, we would fight him or her together!” The bearded man who was leading the group looked at Fei and teased, “Hey, Punk! You are only a punk of this little empire! If you are afraid, you can surrender and break your arms. If you do that, we will let you live!”

“Hehehe, if you don’t want to break your arms, you can take off your pants and call me Grandpa! That works too!” One of the thin warriors who was in a set of black clothes and standing beside the bearded man sneered and laughed.

[TL Notes: Calling someone grandpa in Chinese is similar to saying uncle in English.]

“Six out of the ten seconds already passed. If Zenit doesn’t send more reinforcements, you will be dead for sure!” That pretty woman who looked to be in her twenties licked her lips and showed a cruel smile. As she stared at Fei like how a beast was looking at a prey, she crossed her hand over her throat, signaling Fei’s death.

On the other side, a serious expression appeared on Fei’s face, and it seemed like he was thinking about something.

It really seemed like he was thinking about his opponents’ suggestions. Some people thought that Fei was wondering if he should break his arms or take off his pants in front of hundreds of thousands of people to save his life.

“The masters of high-level empires are just a bunch of cowards who are afraid of death and could only rely on the numbers advantage! The warriors of Zenit are never afraid of death! Team fight? Although I, Chris Sutton, am not strong, my blood isn’t cold! What is the worst that can happen? Death? If you want to battle, count me in!” The Golden Sun Knight who was on the ground couldn’t help but shout.

What he said instantly ignited the pride of the soldiers of Zenit.

Even though Arshavin, Zenit’s God of War and the Head Commander, hadn’t said anything, the soldiers and commanders of Zenit already started to shout.

What the Golden Sun Knight said was true. Even though they were weak, the worst outcome was that they could die!

“That is right! Count me in as well!”

“What about Moon-Class Elites? The worst is death? Count me in as well!”

The Zenit Empire only had soldiers who fought until death on the battlefield and didn’t have commanders who surrendered under pressure.

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