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Hail the King Chapter 721.2

Chapter 721: A Taste of Their Own Medicine! (Part Two)

“Hahaha!” The five Moon-Class Elites of Leon started to laugh in disdain.

That bearded man glanced at Chris Sutton on the ground and the soldiers of Zenit on the defense wall who were all stimulated, and he laughed as if he heard the funniest joke in the world, “You? You guys? What are you? None of you qualify to appear in the master-level battle! You need to be at least a Moon-Class Elite to join! All of you are weak like ants! How dare you make such ridiculous statements? Hahahaha! Low-level empires are ignorant after all! You bunch of idiots! What else do you have except for the courage of accepting death?”

“You…” The Golden Sun Knight was furious, but he also knew that the master-level battle wasn’t something that ordinary people could participate; it was a sacred battle!

At this moment, Fei who was thinking about something while frowning suddenly relaxed. He laughed and said, “At least a Moon-Class Elite? Hehe…”

As he said that, he suddenly flipped his hand and struck down. A dash of golden energy flame instantly gushed into the furious Chris Sutton’s body.

“This…” Sutton was shocked.

In the next moment, he sensed a streak of heat traveling in his body.

The acute pain in his bones and bone marrows made him feel like many ants were eating him from the inside, and the bulging of his energy channels almost forced him, an executive knight, to groan in pain.

The pain was too much to handle, but it was quick as well.

In the next moment, Sutton felt like the gate that was blocking his path of cultivation for so long suddenly opened, revealing all the secrets behind it. A brand-new world appeared in his eyes.

A foreign yet powerful aura slowly appeared on Sutton’s body.

Then, this handsome young knight gradually levitated off the ground and flew into the sky.

Moon-Class Elite!

The Golden Sun Knight advanced into the Moon-Class Realm!

The five Moon-Class Elites of Leon were shocked to see this! They were experienced and knew that the elevation of realm which just occurred on this young man was related to the golden energy flame that Fei shot out.

“Creating a Moon-Class Elite this easily? How? This is shocking! That is on the level of the gods!” they thought.

These five Moon-Class Elites were stunned for several seconds, and the ten-second count ended long ago.

The bearded master of Leon quickly woke up from the shock and mocked with a gloating smile, “You got one helper? So what? This poor soul hasn’t even gone through nature’s challenge! He is as weak as a baby in our eyes! It is no different to suicide! Haha, since ten seconds have passed, and Zenit hasn’t sent out any masters, DIE!”

As soon as he finished shouting, this man dashed forward like lightning and tried to sneak-attack.

Now, the Golden Sun Knight already realized that the King of Chambord used his miraculous abilities and turned him from a Nine-Star Warrior into a Moon-Class Elite! At this moment, all his grudges against Fei disappeared, and the king became the person who he admired the most.

Seeing the bearded master’s attack, Sutton was shocked and was about to…

Suddenly, a huge amount of energy pushed Sutton away, and Fei’s laughter sounded by his ears, “Chris, concentrate and circulate your warrior energy! Get ready for nature’s challenge! I will guard you! These cowards who are trying to use their numbers advantage are too weak for the two of us together…”

As soon as he said that, Fei dashed forward and appeared by that bearded master’s side as if he teleported.

That speed was beyond imagination! All the viewers only saw a series of afterimages and heard his voice, but his punch already landed on that bearded master’s chest.

Before that bearded master could react, Fei’s golden energy flames brightened, and the former was exploded into pieces.

One strike one kill!

Everyone was stunned!

Before the other four Moon-Class Elites of Leon could react, they suddenly felt like their bodies were locked inside a swamp. The air around them got thick, and they couldn’t move despite their Moon-Class strength.

Suddenly, orange energy flames appeared.

They weren’t sure when, but an energy sword that was made of earth elements, more than 100 meters long, and didn’t have a handle or a guard appeared before Fei.

“Hahaha! Get a taste of your own medicine! The Sword of the Land! Strike!!!” Fei’s voice was enough to shatter people’s souls.

It was the Sword of the Land! The actual Sword of the Land!

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