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Hail the King Chapter 722.1

Chapter 722: Price (Part One)

The Sword of the Land was the high-level Moon-Class combat technique that the famous Tornado Legion Commander of Leon mastered. Revier had killed many enemies of Leon with this technique, and he earned his nickname as the Land Warrior.

During the battle with Fei, Revier used the Sword of the Land once.

Although Fei destroyed that strike, it didn’t mean that it was a weak technique.

On the contrary, the shockingly huge energy sword and the intense energy flames around it meant that it was a unique and powerful technique. Just the terrifying aura of that energy sword and its sheer size left a deep impression on people’s minds.

At this moment, there was still an abundance of earth elements in the area due to that strike.

No one anticipated this! No one thought that they would see the Sword of the Land being used again!

In the sky, Fei stood tall as his black hair fluttered in the wind. The lights in his eyes were sharp, and the murderous spirit wasn’t hidden on his face. The orange energy flames burned around him, and a swamp-like, invisible force field appeared. What was more terrifying was that instead one, four huge energy swords that were more than 100 meters long and about five to six meters wide showed themselves to the left, right, front, and back of Fei.

This was the enhanced version of the Sword of the Land!

It was more powerful!

It was more terrifying!

It was more dangerous!

Located inside the force field, the other four Moon-Class Elites were so stunned that their faces changed color.

They tried their best to get away, but they felt desperate after realizing that they couldn’t get away from this force field in a short time.

The battle between masters was intense, and a minor mistake could make one side lose everything.

These four masters of the Leon Empire were delayed by the force field, and the Grim Reaper embraced them.

The four orange energy swords that were more than 100 meters long and didn’t have handles targeted these four people in the four directions. As Fei pushed down his hands, the swords slashed down at their foreheads as if mountains were falling.

“No! Stop!”

Suddenly, the voice that sounded a few moments ago to mock the Zenit Empire reappeared. Now, this voice was filled with anger and shock.

At the same time, a dash of fire energy shot out of the command station of the troops of Leon and flew toward Fei who was in the center of the battlefield. This figure who was enveloped by the dash of fire energy was mighty, and it seemed like this person could easily tear open the sky and destroy mountains.

The real master who hid behind the troops of Leon finally moved.

It was clear that this person didn’t expect Fei who looked mediocre to unleash this level of power suddenly. He instantly realized that things took a drastic turn.

Since the four Moon-Class Elites on his side couldn’t defend themselves and were about to be killed, this person stopped acknowledging the traditions of master-level battles and broke the rules by attacking Fei from the sideline.

This was his plan: he wanted to attack Fei and force the latter to defend himself, thus saving the four Moon-Class Elites of Leon from the devastating strikes.

Even though the Leon Empire was a level 6 empire, losing eight Moon-Class Elites was a significant loss that would be hard to recover from.

However, it was too late.

Way too late!

Fei was already determined, so the four orange energy swords that were more than 100 meters long and didn’t have handles dashed forward. Even though their speed was fast, it looked slow. They gave people a mystic sensation as if these four swords broke the limitations of space and time. In just a flash, these four swords went from the sky to the ground before disappearing.

As soon as the energy swords went through them, the four Moon-Class Elites of Leon suddenly stopped all their struggling and screaming as if they were frozen. They no longer moved and looked like they were turned into mannequins.


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  1. Draghnof

    7 ?????? There was 2 of the 3 moon classe who attacked the main gate who were killed, then it was the legion commander and here there is 5 other moon class (and 1 already dead)

    2 + 1 + 5 = 8 …….

    • You right… I think the author lost track by 1, and we didn’t notice it while translating as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • I assume that they counted the Moon Class Cultivator who got critically injured as lost, making the figure accurate.

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